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9 Tips to Maintain Your E-Cigs and E-Liquids

Switching to E-Cigs is a smarter alternative and here are some simple measures that will ensure a better vaping experience. Whether you prefer a low profile smoke from a Cig-A-Like device or the clouds of vapour formed by sub-ohming, it is always better to educate yourself on the usage and maintenance of your E-Cig and E-Liquid for a hassle free and smooth experience.


Like every piece of tech in the world, the most crucial parts of the E-Cig can pose the most difficult problems. Let us be proactive and cancel out the probable malfunctions by adhering to the advices below.

All things about Batteries


  1. Make sure that you are not leaving your battery on charging for eternity


We all have this bad habit of keeping batteries charging for way too long. With E-Cig batteries this can be dangerous. Explosions are too rare to be afraid of, but there is nothing wrong in being careful. Overcharging means overheating and this is definitely not good for your batteries’ long life. Keep an eye on the batteries and unplug them once they are charged. Use proper chargers; do not mix and match chargers with different batteries. Each battery may have a different voltage and if you are using the wrong charger this may be very dangerous. It is highly recommended to use the one provided by your supplier. Further, to make sure that your battery enjoys a longer life span, never let your battery run too low.

  1. Turn the battery off when not in use and clean the terminals often

Every battery, even the rechargeable ones have a certain life span; why not preserve it as much as possible. Take a little care and turn the battery off when not in use. This is recommended for mod devices; other batteries may have a timer or be automatic.

Cleaning the battery is another very important thing to do. Many times, cleaning the battery terminals is the primary solution for any minor connection issues. Ideally, you should clean the battery terminals once a week.

  1. Do not attach the battery too tightly

Tightening the battery too much while attaching to the clearomizer can cause damage to both the device and the battery. Pay a little attention while making your E-Cig ready and tighten it securely without over tightening.

  1. Keep away from the elements

Heat, humidity and sunlight are bad news for your batteries. Keep them away from heat, water or direct sunlight. Do not keep the batteries with metal objects like keys and coins and most importantly DO NOT use a damaged battery.

Keeping Your Device in Good Shape

  1. Make sure that you store your E-Cig properly

You have chosen to be smart by switching to an Electronic Cigarette. Here are some tips on how to avoid any possible leaks and spills. Keep the E-Cig upright; most tanks have been designed to stand upright to prevent any leaks. You can always use a case or a lanyard to keep all parts of your E-Cig in safe stationary positions. Store it away from high temperatures, water and direct sunlight and of course from children.

  1. Replace your coil and atomizer once in a while

A new coil boosts your E-Cigs’ performance and brings it back to life. You can try different brands of coils with variable resistances to spice up your vaping experience. If you want to blow out those big clouds of vapour, or if you are already a sub ohm vaper, you should try using KangerTech OCC Vertical Coils that are known to be one of the best in the business when it comes to sub ohm vaping.

If you are new to sub ohm vaping then keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure that your mod and batteries can bear with sub ohm coils. If you use a mechanical mod, your battery should be 30Amp or higher.
  • The quantity of E-Liquid should not exceed 6mg. Sub ohm coils give you a stronger throat hit than the regular higher resistance coils. So if you are using a sub ohm coil, keep the levels of nicotine under control, as a higher level of nicotine may make the vapour taste burnt or harsh.

Be Careful with E-Liquids

  1. Do not run low on e-liquid

If you empty the tank what will you vape? This is pretty straightforward; you have to make sure that the E-Liquid does not fall lower than the hole in the atomizer that sends it through the centre tube. If this is not taken care of, you may risk burning your e-cig coil which can give you a burnt taste.

  1. Over filling is troublesome too

Filling your E-Cig with liquid in a hurry can actually take a longer time. You need to be patient with this and ensure that you do not spill E-Liquid into the centre tube or it will flood your clearomizer. A little careless on this part can be very frustrating and cause a lot of clean-up

  1. Store the E-Liquids safely

The best place to store E-Liquids over an extended period of time is in a cool dark area to age and increase the vaping experience. Many people may use refrigerators to maintain the potency of the nicotine. Make sure that the childproof caps are placed properly for storage.

Adhering to these tips should make vaping free of all troubles for you! And believe us; these tips are not at all tough to follow. Just a little care is enough to set things right.

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