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3 Ways Tech Is Changing Romance

While there are varying attitudes about online dating, it’s fair to say that technology has completely changed the dating game. Online dating has gone from being a last resort to one of the most popular ways people meet and date.

Surprisingly, online dating is not just for millennials. More than 15% of seniors are active in the online dating community. Not only can you connect with potential love interests at any time, you can connect with them anywhere, at any age around the world.


1. Online dating provides a large pool of candidates


The rise of online dating sites and mobile apps has created a much larger pool of candidates. Dating apps and websites allow you to connect with people across states and countries, instead of relying on a friend to set you up with a mutual acquaintance. Social media can help you find and re-connect with long-lost high school sweethearts or old flings. Technology has enabled us to connect globally and has expanded the dating pool exponentially.


2. Dating technology allows you to filter your choices


Before online dating, blind dates were true to their name—blind. You did not know much about the other until the meet up. The outcome of the date was left to fate and neither person had much to go on. However, online services have made it easier for you to filter out incompatible dates before you even meet them. Many services offer niche filters geared towards specific interests. From Christian Mingle to Black People Meet, to eHarmony’s 400-question compatibility survey, technology lets you hand-pick which person you connect with based on your hobbies, beliefs and preferences.  However, if you’re too picky and precise, you may miss out on a great opportunity because you filtered your preferences too much.


3. Technology makes long-distance relationships easier


Despite the common stigma that long-distance relationships never work, the internet has helped many couples maintain successful long-distance relationships. Advances in online communication have made dealing with distance much easier. Apps like Skype and FaceTime let you spend virtual quality time with your partner whenever you want, and the advanced cameras on smartphones make video chatting even easier. Couples no longer need to go weeks or months without seeing each other, as they can use technology to check in at any time.

Online dating isn’t inherently good or bad. It’s the overindulgence that can be a problem, and finding the right balance is essential. Make sure you spend at least as much time having quality conversations and engaging in human interaction as you spend on your phone screening potential dates. Take a minute to appreciate people in real time, instead of from behind a phone screen.

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