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How technology is changing the way cannabis businesses are run

The cannabis industry has undergone a massive transformation over the years. This is shortly after its legalization in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Croatia, and Belgium. The incorporation of technology in the business, however, became prevalent after various states in the US allowed the use of cannabis. That is either as a recreation or a medical drug. Other states like Illinois, Nevada, California, and Oregon even allow the use of marijuana for both purposes. Right now, the technology is in the center of businesses, and a considerable number of people are using it to streamline the business further. Below are details explaining how technology is changing the way cannabis businesses run.

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Growers are using LED lights to cultivate cannabis

One of the main requirements when cultivating cannabis is plenty of sunlight. As soon as the plant sprouts, you should provide it with at least 18 hours of light. This is to make sure it develops healthy leaves. The good news is that companies are using technology to create special LED bulbs. The bulbs provide the required type and amount of light for as long as you want during the vegetative phase. These LED grow lights facilitate faster and better growth of cannabis. It is by far one of the best ways technology is influencing cannabis business. Inventions continue as industries strive to come up with durable and better grow lights.

Thanks to technology, packaging marijuana is easy

Technology has seen cannabis go from basic papers to remarkable packages with smart labels. This makes it easy for the seller to pick out the right strain and include accurate information on the labels. The process is both simple and fast. It also offers customization capabilities to suit different sellers. The buyer gets to access every data he or she requires about the product on the package.

With technology, new strains are coming to life

The art of mixing two parent strains to produce a distinct, dominant strain is becoming a widespread phenomenon in the business. That is because the experts are using technology to study the genetics of different strains. They thus end up knowing the combination of a particular strain with another can lead to a better hybrid strain that is effective but with low THC levels. It is also the reason why a wide array of CBDfx products exist in the market today. Hybrids like super lemon haze exist due to breeding of lemon skunk and super lemon haze. That is because the breeder loved some characteristics of the two, so he or she decided to breed the two and come up with something he or she likes.

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Point-of-sale software for selling marijuana is now available

The cannabis industry is bustling. That is why you will find people having a hard time keeping records manually. That has led to the introduction of point-of-sale software. The software enables the seller to know how many strains are available in the shop and which ones are not in a glance. The technology also makes it easy to identify the most popular strain and the least popular strain in the shop. With that information, he or she may decide to stock more of the dominant strain to avoid exhausting it within the shortest time. It is an incredible and innovative way that explains how technology is transforming the cannabis industry. The software can undergo customization to suit individual retailers and wholesalers.

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Technology is changing the forms in which individuals can consume cannabis

Before the legalization of cannabis in numerous countries across the world, the consumption of marijuana was primarily through smoking. Thanks to technology, there are other ways to consume marijuana. Nowadays, cannabis exists in the form of tinctures, gummies, oils, and sweets, among many different types. You can also enjoy its advantages through vaping. That is because industries are slowly developing ways to make the product more consumable. You thus don’t have to smoke it for you to enjoy its advantages.

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Technology is making it possible to sell cannabis online

Retailers are gradually migrating from physical stores to online stores. That is because online business is much easier to handle and control. It is also the place where most individuals with the desire to purchase cannabis and other related products exist. These websites are also accessible from various locations and are proving to reach a broader market. All the retailer needs is a fully functional website that has high rankings. It is a technological step that has seen the cannabis businesses run smoothly for some time. Some sites are also including the idea of door to door delivery to increase sales.

Technology enables tracking of the growing stages

The legalization of marijuana comes with some strict rules that consist of tracking the progress of the plant as it moves from one stage to another. Remember, this is the first phase in the cannabis industry, and so it has to be precise for business continuity. Technology is playing a huge role in enabling cannabis growers to track the growth stages. There are also automation systems in place that makes it easy for the farmer to ensure the plant grows healthy from one phase to another. Despite tracking being mandatory for compliance purposes, it is giving cannabis growers a chance to monitor their plants and come up with a remarkable yield. The business runs smoothly since the farmer can avoid problems such as pests and diseases, as well as weak seeds.

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Those are so far some of the ways technology is influencing the cannabis business. Technology is giving growers, manufacturers, and retailers an easy time to grow and sell the product without any problem whatsoever. It is also with the use of technology that growers can provide cannabis plenty of light during its vegetative stage. Technological advancement is streamlining the business from the initial stage, which is growing to the final phase, which is consumption. It is also the reason why nowadays there is the automation and curing of cannabis plants.


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