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Published on October 5th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


How to Create Your Own Community on Instagram in 2020

Creating your own community on Instagram is long-term, and its objective is to retain your audience through the value you bring to them and the interaction you have with them.

Some of the key points to start your community will be introduced in this article.

Talk to Your Targeted Audience

Start asking them, ask for their opinion. Talk to them and tell them your opinion.

Not only in the Instagram posts, but also in your stories.

Instagram offers you many tools to communicate with your audience such as surveys, questions, etc …

In this way, you can directly know what your followers really want.

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Nickname that Community

The name of the community is of vital important. A good name makes you go a great step toward success.

Generate a “tribe” spirit. Who doesn’t like to belong to a group of people with the same tastes or hobbies?

Be creative. Come up with a name or nickname for your community, and make your people become part of it.

Starts to Broadcast “Direct”

The Direct on Instagram works very, very well.

So leave the shame in the closet and jump into your first live shows right away.

It does not matter how many people you have in the room watching your broadcast in streaming.

Think that by broadcasting live, Instagram places you ahead of all stories, therefore … you have a greater probability of being discovered and seen! It is also a very good tool to be able to collaborate with other professionals or colleagues, do interviews, debates, etc … and not just be on the screen in front of your audience.

Do not miss this opportunity to create community, add value and make yourself known to your audience.

Create a Giveaway

Running a giveaway on Instagram has been one of the most effective techniques to get followers and participation.

Furthermore, its implementation is very simple:

The mechanics of the giveaway are usually the following: the participant must leave a like in the publication, follow your account and mention one, two or three people in a comment.

Mention the end date of the giveaway. It is good that you set a duration between 5 and 10 days to get more visibility.

Share it in the stories and on your profiles on other social networks such as YouTube or Facebook.

Add hashtags like #giveaway to attract more new followers who want to gain free giveaways.

And don’t forget to mention when and how you will notify the winners.

Finally, select the winner, either manually or using tools such as Comment Picker.

This strategy works for all types of accounts but it is especially interesting for those profiles that sell physical products or that have an online store, since it allows them to give away their own products, in addition to achieving greater visibility and more sales to new followers.

The Bottom Line

You have learned how to create your own community on Instagram. It takes time and energy to create your community, so why not try GetInsta to buy active Instagram followers and likes fast?

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