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The Tech Working to Keep Produce and Stock Cool in Restaurants

Restaurants need to keep their produce and stock as cool as possible no matter what. This is important for a number of reasons. They need it to keep it at certain temperatures, so it is safe to serve to customers, while also preserving the life of the food within given parameters. This can be more of an effort than it might seem like to a customer or someone outside the industry. Here are some of the tech restaurants use to keep produce and stock cold in their restaurants.

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Beer and Wine

Beverage stock like beer and wine can end up being some of the most expensive stock in a restaurant’s inventory. As a result, they need to be able to keep this stock at exactly the right temperature until it is ready to go to the dining room.

The traditional method that is still used is to store this stock in a cellar where it is naturally cooler in the building. However, this might still have a few issues in regard to humidity and other small changes. By investing in cellar cooling systems, the best restaurants are able to keep their produce and stock at precisely the right temperature.

Smart Fridges

The cellar isn’t the only space that needs to be kept cold. Any fridges or walk-ins are going to be key areas that need to be kept at precisely the right temperatures. Most kitchen staff will need to record the temperatures of these throughout the day, but there are several other tools that can be used alongside them.

It is possible to get smart fridges that will measure the temperature of the inside of the fridge at all times. If something drastic changes, they can send an alert to either the head chef or the restaurant manager – whoever would be better placed to deal with the issue.


The filters in fridges and other cooling systems have gone through development to keep up with the demands needed by the industry. These filters drain much easier and help to keep the running of the fridge itself at maximum efficiency.

You can have all the tech in the world trying to keep the restaurant in the best possible position, but it is no good if the fridges themselves are not efficient. Combined with a good cleaning schedule, these key pieces of equipment should always be the best they can possibly be.

Being lax with keeping stock and produce can result in, at best, expensive wastage as you throw out food that is unable to be properly used. You need to make sure that you always have the best selection of coolers and fridges for your budget. The guidelines surrounding the way you keep food are going to be strict and you need to make sure that you meet them, no matter what. With the right tools on your side, this is all taken care of, allowing you to focus on other matters that might need your attention in your restaurant.

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