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5 Lesser-Known Tools You Need but May Not Know About

There has been an increase in communication mediums as the world has become a small village. Technological advancements have played a crucial role in keeping individuals connected in terms of trade- commerce, entertainment, and many more. The brands have indulged in cut-throat competitions through digital marketing, increasing their client bases and whatnot, all around the world. Work from Home has emerged as an integral aspect to make a living today. Thus the world has evolved out to be closer, and easier to conduct activities.

The activities have also turned easy to crack and carry out if proper attention is given to the tools available, which could make the work hassle-free. There is a variety of software and tools available that could make the work easier. It could turn your day more productive. You might be needing them in your routine work but might not be aware of them. Here are some such tools that might turn your work quickly and save your time alongside:

Virtual Private Network

Every time you open your browser through your internet connection, there is a chance you are being watched. The ISP’s network might not be encrypted and hence can be easily accessed. It could help hackers trace your IP address and eventually get into your system. To protect your data, an essential tool such as VPN aids in encrypting your connection by providing a private tunnel. This is just one of the many uses of VPN . A VPN can also be used to access the web shows that might not be available in your country, the banned websites, and a lot more.


When you have to work with a team, numerous factors are involved. However, with lots of details to be followed, work tends to get unorganized as manual limitations come into the picture. It could cause quite an unwanted stir in the functioning of things. To avoid such mismanagement, having a common platform which allows all kinds of functions from note-making to task assigning. One such application is the ProofHub which helps to keep track of time spent and manage the workflow. Thus, an all-round application for your all-round project success.


When you have to use multiple tools such as Gmail, office, and several accounts to switch between, you could get diverted from the main work at hand. It could lead to idea flashing and setbacks to follow. Keep the continuous switching between accounts, apps, and all such hassles at bay just by one app called Shift. Shift allows cross platforms toggling, unified google accounts. Besides, it also allows customized desktop settings and notifications. Thus if you have been newly appointed as a project manager, you can justify your stature by employing the shifting.


The present era saw a rise in the use of digital communication platforms. Due to the pandemic, every aspect of economy and business came to a standstill, and this is how Zoom has become a need for era application. With the help of this software, you can easily manage your conference seamlessly with as many as 500 participants involved. It allows features such as screen sharing, HD, high-quality streaming features apart from many others. It also starts without any hassles of security.


For most of the tasks involved, you need to make running notes. Without them, the ideas could quickly get dissipated and distorted in the head itself. The notes help in making your tasks easily manageable and feasible. You can access things with ease, attach your links, and scan information. It also offers the option of audio recordings which help the note-making in a jiffy all available in one place. Thus this could be the perfect solution for your organizing and syncing purposes.


With every task, there come hassles of all sorts. When you involve in any projects or activities that require multiple steps to follow, your productivity could be enhanced if proper applications and software are used. Not only does it bring better gains, but could also help in the ideation purposes. So, use label software wisely.

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