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Published on June 24th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Ottawa Video Production Company: 4 Helpful Hiring Tips

It may be a good investment to hire a team to create videos for your company, especially when you end up with a superior product that can effectively market your company. However, choosing an Ottawa video production company can be very risky, since it requires a leap of faith. You’ll need to pay upfront for a product that hasn’t been created yet.

4 Tips When Hiring an Ottawa Video Production Company

To guide you in choosing the right Ottawa video production company, below are 4 helpful tips to ensure that you’ll have a video your company deserves.

Don’t be fooled by a demo reel

Many production companies offer a demo reel on their websites, and they’re usually a minute-long series of videos from past projects set to music. The demo reels serve as proof that the company is an established business with many clients. This sounds enticing, but what demo reels don’t show you is how the finished projects look like.

You will need a video that does more than looking beautiful – it has to be effective for your company. The video must be able to communicate the message you intend to send. Dig deeper and check their website, until you find the actual videos they were hired to create. If you don’t see any, then you might want to check your other options.

Check out their most recent projects

Not all video production companies always showcase their most recent projects on their websites. Updating the website of an Ottawa video production company can be time-consuming, so you may only be able to see a couple of videos, refreshed every few months.

If you really want to check out the most recent videos or projects, you may find them on their Vimeo or Facebook pages. If you follow their pages, you’ll find the videos there because it only takes a few clicks for them to upload them there.

Look for Ottawa video production company’s social media sites to see how their most recent works look like. Their recent videos are a representation of the talent and current equipment they will bring to your shoot.

Get as many quotes as you need

The only way for you to be sure that the project is priced correctly is for you to get several quotes. Doing this can consume a lot of your time since you need to go through the bidding process with different vendors. However, this is well worth it, as pricing can wildly differ.

You can try to assess the pricing structure so you can see where the video production company fits in the local market. You may try to send a representative to see how companies would bid on a specific project. You’ll be surprised to find out that bids may range from $800 to $20000.

Keep the price in mind, as well as the quality of their previous projects before you hire a video production company. Go for the company that has the best value.

Get the most of what you’re paying for

Regardless of your budget, you need to find someone who will create videos for you. If you’re on a tight budget, then it’s alright to hire a college student who does production on the side. You can also hire a newbie who wants to build up his portfolio.

Just know that you might not be getting the best results – the production quality might not be the same as when you hire a professional team.

However, if you have enough budget, then make sure to use it. Professionals who demand higher rates do so because they are confident with the results. They have the skills and experience needed to make excellent videos.

If you want to find an Ottawa video production company, you may simply post an RFP so companies can bid on it. Make sure to prepare to get a lot of phone calls and e-mails. You may also browse some companies and get in touch with those who you think are a good fit. Keep In mind that doing legwork upfront is better, to ensure that the video you’re getting is what you’re expecting.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Ottawa Video Production Company

There are four easy ways you need to do when hiring a company that will work with you, and working with the best video production company has its advantages. These include the following:

  1. Hiring a great video production company means that equipment is available and enhancements are better.
  2. The company pays attention to customer input. These inputs are compiled to come up with excellent video production.
  3. If the company follows work schedules strictly, then all video productions will be completed quicker. This reduces the amount of time to create the video.
  4. Video productions can be enhanced with individuals who understand the business.
  5. The video production is easier to edit and produce.
  6. A great video production company can help reduce the allowances for errors, which means enhancements will be included faster.
  7. Sounds will have qualities that can enhance the video productions. These enhancements can make planning so much easier.
  8. With a team of experienced individuals, it is easier to meet the shooting times and all the completion goals.
  9. You’re sure that the final product is packaged the best way it can be. The right video production company will always stand out.

Saving time is very important for a video production company with a great plan. Planning is necessary, and one needs to understand why there’s a need to produce a video. Customers will appreciate the process with an excellent video production company.

Prep work and interviews are good, and so is the arrangement of schedules, so make sure you consider the expertise of the company’s employees. All of these are important when hiring a quality video production company. It’s always best to enjoy the process, meet the objectives, and be pleased with the video production results.

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