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Generate and keep loyal customers with SMS marketing

It’s technology that’s driving the world. The 21st century is all about the emergence of several brands and companies that wants to promote their business and products. Other than online advertising and promotions, companies today depend on SMS marketing as well. It is one of the easiest and hassle-free forms of marketing tools that today gets added to the overall marketing plan of a company. SMS marketing is known for generating positive responses from a brand’s target audience.

Today, mobile advertising still has a lot to develop! But this hasn’t stunted the evolution of business as a whole from the customer point of view. SMS or text messaging till date is one of the quickest developing sectors in the mobile advertising domain. According to research done by Portio Research, about 9.6 trillion messageswere sent back in 2012. And today in 2018 one can only imagine that this count has increased in a significant way.

Even the mobile advertising revenue has been increasing at a fast pace. Hence, SMS today is one of the best ways to hold onto your target customers. This marketing is known to generate long-term loyalty. It is more so in case of local businesses.

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Are you wondering how SMS marketing has been able to generate loyal customers? If yes, here’s how the tools work to drive customer loyalty.

1. Precise targeting

SMS marketing enables users to say yes for your messaging service. So, messages are only sent to those customers who give the consent for receiving the messages. A permission-based messaging list is always useful. It ensures that you’re just sending the text to people who’ve asked for it. The list, therefore, is more accurate and specific. Also, the quality of your message gradually becomes more efficient and targeted.

For instance, if there’s more than one location for your business, various marketing campaigns for its distinctive product offerings or specific regions, instead of SMS will help to target selected messaging for multiple groups. It ensures that your target audience for marketing is apt and correct. Do you want to enhance your targeting? If yes, then you can opt-in for surveys provided by selected SMS services. Here there are sign-up choices that can gather increased data about your target audience.

When your SMS campaign is well targeted, you will be retaining the best customers in the long-run. It is because your customers will get an SMS that matches their requirement and need. It would also match their location. Aren’t users slightly irked by SMS? If you are fretting about this, then the answer is no. The text messaging channels are free from spam and advertising that is the case with email marketing. You attract long-term customers with SMS marketing, as the messages are personalized. It is aimed to seal the gap between your brand offerings and the queries of your customers.

Keep your SMS personal and relevant. You’ll find that your customers will keep buying your products and opt-in for your services. You might have few customer dropouts and new customer’s joining in as well as any other business.

To know more on this, you can log into and browse through the information in the site.

2. The cost-efficient campaigns

The multi-channel marketing approach is a vast step in the proper direction, both for businesses and customers. With various campaigns that run through multiple marketing channels, the business budgets get expanded to their limit. Fortunately, one of the most significant benefits of SMS text messaging is that it is considered a reasonable investment alternative. SMS marketing has the scope to maximize the audience reach over a span of time.

Since the SMS expense is efficient, it provides businesses with the scope to support a campaign in a better manner on the channel. It ensures that it results in consumer retention. For instance, with the low execution cost as well as SMS campaign, a business can support their offerings in a better manner with incentives. It also helps to connect the initiatives to the other marketing channels to make sure of the presence of a comprehensive strategy right across all platforms.

3. The proper context is essential

The targeting capacity that SMS marketing can provide businesses is potent. Of course, you require the correct strategy. However, it’s equally necessary to integrate the proper context in your messaging. It makes your customers come back to you frequently. Businesses can decide how often and when to message the subscribers depending on a couple of factors. All this ensures the relevancy of the message.

One of the popular strategies that deserve mention here is Geofencing. It’s a well-known process to make sure that the subscribers only receive relevant SMS’s when they’re inside the virtual boundary such as a particular area or store location. So, if a user passes close to your store or even a mall, your business can send a text concerning a seasonal offer, coupon and the like. Such initiatives make it possible for your customers to leverage all that the message has to offer. And this is applicable even today when the other forms of online messaging have become prevalent.

Let’s elucidate this through an example. For instance, there’s a restaurant that is popular for its dinner coupons and offerings. The chances are that the restaurant would like to send an SMS during afternoon or dinner time, updating its customers about the discounts that are applicable both for lunch and dinner. So if any subscriber is close to the restaurant, he/she can make the most of the opportunity. Hence, text relevancy and time are essential for success in SMS marketing.

Context has a crucial role to play in SMS marketing. Context helps you provide your customers with the most compelling image of your business and its offerings. It generates a strong customer value and gives your customers better reasons to respond to the SMS. Creating loyal customers is essential in today’s day. As more brand walks into the market, you need to have a substantial customer base that is loyal to you and your brand. SMS marketing helps you attain the same seamlessly.

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