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Accessing Justice gets Easier and Technological with Trial Token

Having access to Justice can sometimes be hard, especially in the United States, and it mostly has to do with money – if someone does not have the money, it is probably a bad idea to, for example, pursue a process against a huge company, which has the financial possibilities to pay the best lawyers to defend it.

Sometimes there are a few processes where society would like to intervene and help, but that is currently hard to do. With this in mind, how good would it be to have a platform where, in a crowdfunding-like fashion, anyone could contribute so that these processes are not simply forgot and put down?

In fact, this platform already exists: meet Trial Token, the crowd-sourced and blockchain-powered litigation platform. By harnessing the power of these models/technologies, Trial Token makes it easy, secure and transparent for anyone to give their help in a given process, so that it goes to court and Justice can be fulfilled.

By using the Ethereum protocol, everything is made in a clear fashion – this platform features its own token, appropriately named Trial Tokens (TT), which is used inside the platform and ensures that every transaction is recorded and logged. This means that every movement on this platform can be traced, increasing transparency and security.

All funders can obviously choose which processes to put their money on. Backers can track all stages of the processes they contribute to and, in case the process ends up being settled or won and financial dividends exist, backers are entitled to a portion of them.

Trial Token is a great platform to keep an eye on, not only because of the use it makes of two models/technologies that are quite popular these days (crowdfunding and blockchain), but especially because of the social impact it might have in the American society, providing an easy and clear way for anyone to contribute for the right application of Justice.

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