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5 Rules For Designing The Perfect Business Logo

A logo design is paramount since it represents your business on your letterhead, website, business cards, envelopes, apparel and promotional flyers. With these materials you can reach business prospects, suppliers and customers and it is often their first form of interaction with your company.

5 Top Tips For Designing The Best Business Logo

1. The Design Of Your Logo Must Be A Reflection Of Your Business

Try not to use a logo that is similar to that of your competition. Surprisingly enough, this happens quite commonly. Cookie-cutter logos are not just a source of confusing to the general public, but they are not creative or original. Your business logo must help you to stand out among your competitors and reflect your company’s unique identity.

2. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Avoid clutter, attempting to squeeze in too much information into a logo since it can have a negative influence. The simpler the logo, the more memorable and easily recognised it will be. Another advantage of a straightforward logo is, that it doesn’t lose its clarity when enlarged in an image. A great logo is not too simplistic; however, it is simple in concept.

3. Try Using Color That Translates Well Into Black And White

Once printed in black in white a logo must translate well visually, say for instance when printed in newspaper advertisements. You don’t want the logo to lose its impact due to color printing issues. Even you can use the logo in embossed stationery items.

4. The Logo Must Be Scalable

Try to incorporate a logo that is scalable for various applications. The general idea when it comes to logo designing, is for the logo to look visually great irrespective if it’s viewed on a large billboard or a small business card.

5. Make Sure Your Logo Artwork Is Well Balanced

Try to steer clear from certain areas in your logo overshadowing others. The best ways of achieving this is to blend the colors in such a way that a single one doesn’t dominate others and subsequently distract from the overall image.


A business logo is permanent and must be designed to be enduring for years to come. Avoid making use of fashion trends and instead opt for a timeless that can stand the test of time and not appear dated. Once you’ve chosen the perfect logo for your company, make sure it is converted into GIF, JPG and EPS formats. This will make it easier to utilize on your website as well as printed materials. Once all the essential elements fall into place, the most vital phase of logo design and brand statement can be addressed – using it consistently. Steer clear from changing the logo for specific brochures and flyers. This will just confuse your target audience and look unprofessional. You can make the image larger or smaller for various applications but avoid altering the essence of your logo image. Now that you know all the rules for creating the perfect business logo, you can start brainstorming to create a design that can make your business stand out and last for many years to come.

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