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The Best Qualities of Apps that Track Employee Work Time

Measuring employee working time has drastically changed in the last couple of decades. Keeping track of employee work time can be as simple as using a time punch clock or as technological as using a computer or computer application. As technology keeps advancing, timekeeping apps for businesses are becoming more popular. Below are some fo the more important qualities to look for in the best apps to track employee time on the job.

Off-Site Timekeeping Availability

Freelance and out-of-the-office working are both becoming more popular. For this reason, it’s best to use a time card app or a timesheet template excel that can work both in and outside of the office. These types of timekeepers often use GPS, Wi-Fi, data, or BlueTooth to work. This can help to track employee location to make sure they are actually where they are supposed to be. This can help employers to gain trust in both new employees and new software they use to keep track of their hours.

Log-in Options

When a business owner is looking for a new timekeeping app, it’s best to get one that all of their employees can use with ease. Using one timekeeping app is much easier for managing the numbers than if an employer would have to work with multiple apps.

For this reason, it’s best to pick out an app that allows employers to set up an account to see all of their employee’s time tracking information. These apps should have log-in options so that it is also easy for the employer to know whose time belongs to whom.

Payment Calculators

Clocking time is one helpful asset, but it can be even better when the app can double as a payment calculator. Anyone who handles accounting for a business knows that calculating an employee’s time is much more than simply knowing how many hours an employee works. Employers also need to take in consideration how much an employee is paid by hours and how taxes play into their final paycheck. For these reasons, having a timekeeping app that can handle these additional tasks can be very helpful.

Quick and Easy Usage

A good application, no matter what its function, should be quick and easy to learn how to use. If an app is overly complicated, then it won’t be to anyone’s benefit to use. This is even more important if a business has employees who are older or otherwise technologically illiterate. It always takes some amount of time to learn how to use new technology, the faster employees can learn how to use it, the faster they can get to work! This works to both benefit the employer and employees.

Free Trials

Trying out an app that is either totally free to use, or one that comes with a free trial, can be extremely helpful. It’s generally not a good idea to invest in something (whether it is a product or a service) that you know nothing about. Checking out a free trial can help you know if the app is right for you.

It is important to also watch for apps that offer paid trials. As the name implies, paid and free trials are very different. The best free trials don’t require users to put in any credit card information. Paid trials will often have users putting in credit card information. With both of these cases, if credit card information is input into the app, even if it is for a trial, the company will likely charge you when the trial ends. If you do not input the credit card information, you will not be charged when the trial ends; the service will simply end. This can be helpful to keep in mind, especially if you tend to be forgetful about canceling subscriptions.

All in all, a good timekeeping app should be able to keep track of employee time accurately. If the app can do anything else, that’s simply a bonus! Keep these things in mind the next time your business needs to pick out a timekeeping app.

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