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5 Impressive Ways to Organize an Exceptional Happy Hour for Friends

Hanging out and partying with friends and colleagues is one of the most loved pastimes in today’s scenario. It is as much helpful in easing out work related stress as it allows people to socialize and understand one another.

Everyone loves happy hours as people readily plan after-work get-togethers to enjoy as much as possible in their busy lives. Which is why, we can see restaurants, bars and pubs are increasingly flooding with various groups of friends and colleagues.

You sure have, on many occasions, been to these places in melbourne with your peers in order to enjoy some moments out of your busy schedules. However, due to the lure of exotic cocktails and booze, sometimes these outings prove to be highly extravagant. As a result, a lot of your hard earned money gets eaten up and the happy hours aren’t happy anymore.

So, what if this time around you throw a get-together at your place of choosing and in your own terms?

Rather than sipping exorbitant drinks at a pub, isn’t it a good idea to customize your own cocktails and incorporating other creative things?

Here are some impressive tips to organize an unforgettable happy hour for your friends:

1. Choose a suitable location

First of all, it is important to figure out where you want to host your happy hour party. If your group constitutes 8 to 10 people, the ideal place of get-together would be either the lawn or terrace. On the other hand, four or five people can have a good time enjoying inside the house. In any case, location is crucial because matching the number of guests to the amount of space will decide how enjoyable would the party be eventually become. The only thing that you should lay most of your focus on is the comfort and convenience of your guests. Click here to know more about a great venue for entertainment for your guests.

2. Create an appealing décor

Happy hour means happy and amicable atmosphere, which must prove to be a stress-free event for everyone. A good ambience to start with really sets the mood of the people throughout the party. So, you need to design a décor that should uplift the spirits of your friends. For example, a seasonal floral arrangement with bouquets of different colorful flowers will look appealing. To make it visually more appetizing, you can incorporate balloons and more greenery. However, you don’t have to spend too much money on that, keeping it simple and casual will do the trick.

3. Have a variety of cocktails

It’s time to use your creativity with the toasts by customizing your own cocktails. Rather than spending your paycheck at the liquor store, give it a twist of fun. Try to remind yourself what your friends like to drink during a normal happy hour. Irrespective of the number of people coming, bottles of red wine, white wine, Russian Vodka along with a dozen of pints of beer should suffice. Now go ahead and use different quantities of these liquors in one another to make mix-and-match toasts for your friends. These cocktails will really pack a punch and are going to impress your guests. In addition to that, you can surprise your friends with custom cigar bands and stickers along with cocktails and toasts.

4. Introduce karaoke and fun games

Remember, it is the fellowship and understanding among friends that count the most. It’s time to sing, enact and perform and show your hidden skills to one another and have loads of fun. Now this is the funniest part of your happy hours and let everyone be as crazy as possible with his or her bit to impress the little crowed. It’s time for you to lose yourself in the moment and forget about everything else in life. In addition to that, there are other games to have fun around, for example, blowing ping pong ball to opponents’ side, donuts and toothpicks, and partners in pen.

4. Delicious foods and snacks

Okay! Now comes the munch time and your guests must be feeling hungry after having a real fun. After the drinks have taken the center stage, serve the delicious snacks on the platter. There are many recipes available on internet these days, and you can get help from there if you want to prepare something special. You can pair different dishes with different drinks, for example, dark chocolate tastes better with red wine. You can include a lot of common dishes with a slight touch of personalization like cheese sandwich with chocolate, bread crumbs with fruit salads, grilled hamburgers and pizzas with extra toppings.

Since, the happy hours provide friends to spend a quality time with each other, so the hosting should be a stress-free exercise. Moreover, an improved camaraderie between you and your friends means someone else will host a similar happy hour next time. For the time being, use the above mentioned tips to make it successful.

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