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How is Azure Cloud forming the future of cloud services?

To sustain in the growing market, you cannot rely on a physical hard drive to store and process your information, and that’s where the cloud computing service comes into the picture. It enables you to overcome the problem of sticking to on-premises storage and leverages your work by getting omnipresent access.

This is the reason cloud computing is gaining popularity day by day, and enterprises are rapidly drifting towards its services. As per the survey, around 84% of the companies have drifted towards cloud technology by 2019.

Why is Microsoft Azure leading the race?

Before we get into the depth of its features and attributes, let us first understand that what Azure is all about. Managed Azure Cloud Services provider gives you both a low-level infrastructure and a high-level infrastructure.

Why is Azure a hot favourite of the developers?

Azure offers all three services: IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS

Depending upon the demand of the business, you have to make a correct choice of the platform. It enables you easy access to over 200 products offering solutions to businesses. So, it is the one-stop solution to solve advanced business challenges in the most efficient way possible.

Azure IAAS

Today, Azure is primarily known for its infrastructure service. The cost-effective and easy to use feature attributes to its high demand in the market. It gives you optimum storage, Computing, and network resources as per the demand. With all these benefits, the Azure IAAS solution gives the business different scales and flexibility as per the real-time need of the enterprise. All these amazing computing benefits that come with it compels you to adopt an IaaS solution for your organization.

It helps to reduce maintenance of on-premises data centres, gain real-time business insights, and save money that would have been spent purchasing and maintaining hardware.

The quick introduction of the new applications also makes the business robust and reliable. So, With Azure infrastructure service, you will not have to put on an expense on physical drives; rather the reasonable amount paid to the service provider would save your unnecessary and miscellaneous expenditure. This species tends to be the reason for its popularity, making it a hot favourite in the market.

The complete service infrastructure will be managed by the users, allowing them to install, configure, and operate the software solutions process.

Azure PAAS

Azure PAAS offers you the platform for database management systems and business intelligence services. The major platform services of Azure are:

Web app; Mobile app; Logic app; functions and web jobs.

Azure SAAS

It facilitates the users to run the cloud-based app on the Internet. Microsoft cloud-based applications like outlook and dynamic 365 can be built and performed on Microsoft Azure. So, rather than looking for an external application, you can opt for the Azure software solution to fulfil your business objective.

Sustainability and Scalability

Businesses today are planning for expansion in the future, and if they want to do so without any obstacle, Cloud technology should be the best adoption. It ensures the service throughout the year for using this platform on the broader prospect.

Scalability marks the most significant feature of cloud computing in which the resources can be:

Scaled up: Adding resources to the server.

Scaled down: Removing resources from the server.

Scaled out: Adding the server to the cluster.

Scaled In: Taking out the added server from the cluster.

Data security

When it comes to the security of the data, no other cloud computing service is parallel to Microsoft Azure. For years, Microsoft is an unbeatable player in terms of cloud security solutions. It has a team of experts with valuable resources that ensures the data canter security. They update systems to protect them from external threats. Once you have purchased and signed into the Azure service, you will constantly be updated with the threat detection and prevention tool. The azure solution also bifurcates the threats in various categories and delivers advanced solutions for them. Such has been the standard of cloud security given by Azure for years.

Hence, if data security is your major concern at the back of your mind, you can have blindfolded trust in Azure.

Azure Data and Analytics

Azure data and analytics provide integrated data governance that enables the companies to get rid of the challenges and give an optimized framework to the future.

Synapse analytics integrates various capabilities like machine learning, Business intelligence, and data engineering to maximize production output.

Azure: The leading player in 2021

As per the ranking of IoT platforms, Microsoft Azure is leading the race of cloud service providers, and 19% of the total enterprises plan to invest more on Azure in 2021. This proves that it is the global leader among all IoT platforms. The ability to deliver IoT capabilities from the cloud to the edge helped Microsoft’s platform rank high in this category. Source; Statista and

Microsoft is on the verge of developing its own territory where every Computing, mobile, and smart device connects to Azure. After the universal usage of the 4G/5G network, cloud services are getting centralized to few major service providers, and Microsoft cloud is the most prominent among them. The office got transformed into Office 365. Windows is turning into Azure virtual desktop. Microsoft recently announced Project xCloud, using actual Xbox One consoles in its Azure datacentres to stream Xbox games.

The amount of data created, stored, and processed is compiling day by day. There are about 1.2 billion devices that are constantly creating data. They all need to be computed and processed by an intelligent tool or platform. Here a tech giant like Microsoft emerges with the solution. There are few major developments with Azure that Microsoft has recently announced.

Azure stack

Azure stack Edge:

It is an AI-enabled device that can get connected to Azure services. It offers the hardware as a service managed by a cloud, enabling you to shut down and restart the device, manage logs, and contact Microsoft support.

Use of Azure stack Edge:

  • Machine learning at the edge
  • Edge and IoT solutions
  • Transfer of network data from the edge to cloud

Azure stack HCI: streamline your infrastructure, integrate the work environment, and boost up the efficiency using Azure stack HCI.

Use Azure Stack HCI for:

  • Scalable virtualization and storage
  • Modernizing on-premises architecture
  • Remote branch offices
  • High-performance workloads

Azure stack Hub:  It’s an integral part of the Azure stack that enhances its services and lets the applications perform on-premises environment. The organizations are looking forward to using the cloud service to build advanced infrastructure, which can only be possible with the intervention of the Azure stack hub.

Use Azure Stack Hub for:

  1. Connected and disconnected scenarios
  2. App modernization
  3. run the autonomous cloud

Azure digital twins

It offers you an in-depth perception of the physical and digital world, where things interact with each other and create a digital duplicate of the cloud. In another word, it replicates and delivers a virtual copy of an environment.

Azure Digital Twins is technically a part of the Azure IOT platform to ensure and deliver all effective features like data scalability and reliability, Compliance factor, security, and privacy benefits which all comprise the vibrant attributes of Azure. It aims to upgrade the intellectual aspect of all the infrastructures like offices, schools, hospitals, banks, stadiums, warehouses, factories, parking lots, streets, intersections, parks, and plazas.

Azure IoT edge

It is a complete organised service built on the Azure IOT hub that builds a bridge between cloud and edge. It also enables the deployment of edge devices for local execution. Management is done using a cloud-oriented interface which also allows the device to go offline for a certain amount of time. By shifting the workload to the network edge, you can initiate more local changes and operate in a structured and reliable pattern.

Azure sphere

It should be the prime concern to secure the device and shield the data and data privacy. To get the job done, one can rely on the Azure sphere. It completely facilitates and promotes the security of your information and thus tends to be the hot favourite in the IT market.

So, Undoubtedly Microsoft Azure holds a firm position in future cloud computing services. It is simple, secured, Agile, and easily accessible, and these are the features that will make it a game-changer among its kind. If there is a platform that could resolve the intricacies of the data storage, Microsoft Azure will be the first option to click on your mind. The whole IT market is going to rely on the serverless cloud and upgraded data security tools. Hence without any shadow of a doubt, Azure is going to dominant the squad.

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