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Everquest Krono: Changing the World Of Everquest!

Introduced recently by SOE, Krono, which is SOE’s version of PLEX, seems to have grabbed the attention of Everquest fans. The company also announced that they would pay attention to the success of Everquest Krono, and if things seemed to have gone well, they would certainly introduce it into the other SOE games.

Well! fans are liking it which means, Krono, are already on their way to success.

On the EverQuest site, there is a FAQ for krono that defines its association with the game, cost, and other factors. To help you out, I’ve gathered a few things that I would like you to know:

What are Krono?

Krono are in-game currency/objects that can be redeemed under 30 days of membership time, in the following versions of SOE games: EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. They are either sold in the marketplace in exchange of real money, or you may purchase them from other Everquest lovers via private trade or a broker for in-game currency. Players, however, will not be able to sell Krono to each other for real money.

What I can do with Krono?

You can purchase them from SOE in exchange of real money, buy them from other Everquest fans for in-game currency, sell them to your friends for in-game currency, gift them or trade them to other players for other items available in the game or even consume them. In case, you consume a Krono, it will be deleted from your inventory and also, 30 days of game membership time will be added to the account of the character that used it.

How can I obtain them?

You can buy Krono directly from SOE using real money. Everquest players can also gift them to other players, trade them, and sell them in exchange of in-game cash.

Why should I purchase a Krono?

There are several reasons to purchase Krono. For instance, if you’re an expert Everquest fan, with a lot of in-game currency, but don’t have options to spend it on something, you can use that spare money to purchase Krono from other competitors and change it into game membership time. Also, if you’re a novice who doesn’t have much in-game currency and you aren’t able to buy the things on the broker since the prices are too high, you may opt for buying Krono and sell them to your friends to power up your in-game currency.

Can the Krono be traded between different characters?

Yes, Krono can easily be transferred and traded between characters by utilizing the trading window, in-game mail and shared bank slots.

How to sell Krono for in-game currency?

Depending on which game you are playing, you can trade them personally to the other fans, post them in order to advertise them on different channels, sell them in the marketplace, etc.

Hope all of you have gathered the very useful information that you always wanted to know in this article. SOE’s attempt to change the world of Everquest is gaining pace which can be easily seen because of growing craze of Krono among the Everquest fans.

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