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How Is A Telehealth Platform Changing The Cannabis Industry?

Marijuana is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and now it’s becoming a new battle ground for developing technology. The cannabis industry is going to face both challenges and opportunities, as technology is becoming a bigger part of the marijuana business.

Cannabis consumption was once illegal, considered a rebellious action in the society. Marijuana consumers were seen as lazy, incompetent, and clueless people. Now, the cannabis industry will reach $73.6 billion by 2027. Annually, cannabis has been legal in many countries and states for medical purposes, serving many patients with all sorts of pains.

Though people thought that the cannabis industry couldn’t go any further than this, there has been tech progress that has attended the cannabis industry in the modern era in regards to medical marijuana cards, also known as “Cannabis Card”, or “MMID”. What are the benefits of a medical marijuana cannabis card?

Applying for a medical marijuana card

Since marijuana remains remains illegal under federal law, a lot of people hesitate on applying for a medical marijuana card even though over 30 states have legalized medical marijuana. They still remember the time when marijuana was illegal. But things have changed over time. Nowadays, there are many benefits to having a medical marijuana card, so if you’re having second thoughts, here’s a few things that you should know.

A medical marijuana card is a form of identification, which shows that you’re allowed to buy cannabis products in dispensaries to treat your condition. Patients without this card aren’t allowed to purchase products from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Using the Veriheal Platform

Veriheal’s healthcare technology platform has helped thousands of MMJ patients get their medical marijuana cards. In California, for example, people over 18-years-old with medical conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana are eligible for an evaluation or consultation from a medical marijuana doctor on Veriheal’s platform. Through this platform, doctors are able to access patient’s medical records, book appointments, and eventually see their patients. Telehealth technology is a perfectly legal medical tool, used by licensed doctors.

How to apply for a medical marijuana card?

How does one obtain an online medical marijuana card in California? First, you’ll need to talk to a licensed medical marijuana doctor to get approval. You can begin the process online; it’ll only take a few minutes. Just sign up, answer the questions required, and then feel free to schedule an appointment. It’s that easy!

How to get the medical marijuana card?

After you set an appointment to see a medical marijuana doctor in California, you’ll be asked to provide some basic medical history.. If you do have some medical archives for your conditions, you’ll be asked to provide them. Also, do not hesitate to reach out if you need help with getting the appointment scheduled.

Consulting with a medical marijuana doctor

You should consult with a doctor online, or in person. The consultation takes up to 15 minutes, as the medical marijuana doctor will evaluate your conditions. You may feel free to ask the doctor any questions you have about medical marijuana. After the consultation is finished and if you’re approved for the medical marijuana card, the doctor will fill out a recommendation form. Once you have this, you can apply to the state.

Important fact: Every patient will be asked to prove residency of the state for their application, in order to be accepted.

Once you’re approved and registered with the state, you’ll receive an email notification. Once the card is in your hands, you’ll be free to purchase medical marijuana products from dispensaries.

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