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Foldable and Slider Smartphones That Are Pushing Boundaries

As the choice range for mobile gadgets continues to grow, users are constantly demanding phones that come with dominating designs and offer something new to explore. Smartphone providers have come up with the latest way to challenge the needs of users by providing larger screen designs to immerse them even deeper into the virtual world and let them play slots for fun. This craze has led to the entry of foldable and slider smartphones, which has made 2019 and 2020 the years of innovation that has never been seen before.

We said goodbye to foldable and slider phones in the late 2000s and early 2010s when smartphones began to take over and thought they were gone for good. First forward almost a decade later, and 2020 is here to prove us wrong. Even though the era was off to a rocky start, it is still a technology that continues to amaze millions around the world, which leaves no doubt that the trend is sure to catch on and soon become as common as ordinary straight-standing gadgets. Here are some of these types of phones that are on the market so far:

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first significant mobile device that introduced the world into the possibility of a foldable smartphone. The gadget was the first of its kind from the tech giant and was released alongside their September, 2019 flagship devices. The Galaxy Fold took off well, but for some time earlier in the year, things had appeared as though they would take a turn for the worse. To begin with, the phone was set to be launched earlier in April but failed due to some reviews,but at all reviews were positive. The Samsung CEO confessed to some embarrassment for having pushed the release of the gadget too soon and chose to delay the launch to deal with client issues.

When review units of the Galaxy Fold were sent out, Samsung got some less-than-enthusiastic responses from users who complained of issues with the screen and hinges. Luckily, these problems were fixed in good time, and the phone debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold boasts the Infinity Flex that Samsung launched last year with a 7.3-inch screen when opened. When the device is folded, which encases the screen on the inside, users can access a 4.6-inch screen on the outside that can be used as an ordinary phone. The Galaxy Fold has a stunning six cameras with one up front, two inside, and three on the back panel. This phone does have its shortcomings, such as a bulky design, but its purpose was to introduce innovative technology, see how the market reacts to it, and then set the path for a new approach to smartphone creation. This goal appears to have worked with a lot more companies following suit and making it their own.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung dived into their foldable technology for a second attempt at redefining it and introduced the Galaxy Z Flip on 11th of February, 2020. This device resembles more of ordinary smartphones when flipped rather than the Galaxy Fold with a design that borrows from the flip phones of past years. The Z flip opens upward and stretches into a 6.7-inch display screen. This cool feature is allowed by the use of an ultra-thin glass layer that Samsung first revealed in 2013 and allowed them to create innovative features like curved screens. The glass on this device appears more polished than that of its predecessor, and the new fold design makes it even more pocket-friendly than ordinary smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Flip uses special hinges that allow it to be used at a 90-degree angle without being entirely flipped. This activates the Flex Mode that makes the top half a viewing section while the bottom carries all the controls. This setup also allows one to run two apps at a go, but this feature is not new to Samsung smartphones. The phone does not disappoint on the performance front with the use of a Snappdragon 855 Plus system-on-chip. These cool features explain its 1380-dollar price tag. It may be higher than other that of most other smartphones, but it is still considerably lower than what the Galaxy Fold was going for last year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Smartphone companies continue to provide higher screen-to-body ratios on phones, but some users do not appreciate the black dips or holes used to accommodate cameras and interrupt the view. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 solves this issue by turning to mechanical design with a magnetic system at its heart. This gadget requires users to slide the front display down to reveal the front-facing cameras. This exciting design allows the display to be left entirely for the screen without removing any cameras, which have grown to become an essential part of any smartphone. The sliding technology is said to perform well for about 300,000 times, which is impressive for a device introducing new technology.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 makes things even more exciting by adding a customisable option that allows the sliding motion to be used for more than just revealing the cameras. This motion can be used to not only launch the camera automatically but also answer a call like in traditional flip phones. It can also be used to load a game or open any application of choice.

Motorola Razr

Motorola was the best-known flip phone back in the day, and for the manufacturer to return with a smartphone version is nothing short of iconic. The second generation of the Motorola Razr bears a shoehorned 6.2-inch display that borrows most of its design from its predecessors’ clamshell model. The secondary display at the back panel once the phone is flipped has not been left out and can be used to scroll through notifications quickly, respond to them, and even snap selfies. The hinge and screen used on the device feel far from fragile, which means it will remain secure and sturdy for a long time.

Parting Shot

Foldable and slider phones may have only been around for a year, but they are definitely one of those trends that are here to stay. Numerous other releases from companies like Huawei, LG, and Oppo have also been launched, which is gearing the pattern for success.

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