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Increase Your Business’ Productivity and Efficiency With Cloud Computing

Forward-looking businesses are now implementing a cloud-based phone system. They realize this helps them save money while keeping the great features they need. This phone system is hosted online so it doesn’t require you to run any phone lines throughout your office. You also don’t need to find a place to install any bulky or complicated hardware on your premises just so you run your phone system.  Instead, you simply need to choose your provider and they’ll give you handsets or headsets to use. Of course, it’s also important to have a reliable broadband connection. Once you have these things and you get your cloud phone system up and running, you’ll reap the benefits of having a more productive workplace thanks to the system’s great features improvements on your workplace productivity.

Cloud Tech

Makes Big Data Easy to Manage

Business says cloud computing makes it easier for companies to handle “Big Data.” In the past, traditional data storage methods didn’t always offer a simple way to carry out advanced database analysis. This meant that large firms had to spend many weeks working with highly knowledgeable specialists to do this. However, the cloud offers companies all the tools they need to sort through lots of unstructured data quickly and easily. There’s no longer any need to send files back and forth several times before creating the final document. Outsource 2 India says this is a good thing because it leaves less room in which to make errors that could considerably reduce the document’s accuracy. With cloud computing, multiple users can now access the same document from various places without having such a high likelihood of errors occurring.

When something does go wrong, and you feel like you’ve lost some important data, you don’t have a reason to panic if you’re using the cloud. This is because data recovery is easier when everything is stored in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about losing data in the event of an emergency either. This is good news for small businesses because they can’t usually afford to pay for expensive disaster recovery systems. Now they have a way in which they can safeguard their data simply by using a cloud-based storage solution.

Flexibility, Functionality, and Efficiency

Today’s business landscape is continually changing, making it interesting to watch as companies change in an attempt to keep up. Unfortunately, this often happens when it’s too late. Even companies who do try to remain as nimble as possible still find it challenging to keep up with today’s business landscape. This is something that cloud computing can help you with though. It provides you with a certain amount of flexibility that you wouldn’t have with traditional, on-site, physical solutions. It also gives you the opportunity to quickly respond to internal demands since cloud services can quickly be scaled to meet user demands. This eliminates any problems associated with IT system overload too.

With a cloud-based phone system, audio and video conferencing are also easier. You no longer need to waste time making several phone calls to find out who’s available. Instead, you can quickly add multiple people from multiple locations to your conference call where you can handle business without needing to make lots of follow-up calls. Video chats improve your productivity even more since they help cut down on the time and expenses involved with business travel.

You can also take this a step further if you desire to do so. Whether you’re traveling or telecommuting your cloud phone system lets you place calls over the company phone system regardless of your location. With this type of mobile integration, there’s no longer any need to use landlines. You and your employees can still be easily reached without them so you can still handle business in the same way that you would if you were seated behind your desk in your office. This really helps increase productivity because you won’t miss out on answering as many calls. As such, you also won’t miss out on as many opportunities.

By creating a more connected workforce you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much your productivity will increase. Recently, Frost & Sullivan conducted a study that showed companies who used cloud phone systems increased their productivity by as much as 400%. This is because it’s so easy for employees to collaborate with one another now that they no longer have to send files back and forth via email. By creating a more streamlined process you create a more efficient collaboration system, which in turn will improve your business’ bottom line.

Access to the Best Technologies

As a small business, when you have access to cloud computing you have access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies that you may not otherwise have access to. This will increase your business’ speed so you can successfully compete with bigger businesses. Nexogy says there are two features that will definitely help you here:

· Automated call routing through the cloud makes it more affordable for you to run a call center for your small business. This feature will reduce your callers’ hold time and make it easier for your call center agents to do their work. You can set automated call routing up to ring the correct agent’s extension or to ring the person who’s been idle longest so you can evenly disperse the workload. It’s also possible to integrate all this with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform so your agents have customer information available as soon as they answer the phone. All of this makes your call center more productive.

Newer CRM systems take things even further. They merge all the classic features and functions you know and love from traditional systems into a more robust, cross-channel system that’s designed for online businesses. Certainly, you’ll still be able to integrate your cloud phone system, too, but you’ll also be able to use these tools to build better relationships from your website visitors or customers who buy from your online store. Imagine how your marketing plan improves when you’ve got a way to tap into the customer journey with a Magento CRM that also works with your Amazon and eBay marketplace accounts? The exciting journey of CRM software is just getting started.

· The find-me follow-me feature saves your callers the time they’d otherwise spend trying several numbers to reach an agent. This was something that would frustrate callers in the past and inconvenient for agents who’d have to give out their personal mobile phone number to stay in touch with someone. With this feature your cloud phone system routes calls to your employees regardless of where they are – traveling, telecommuting, or temporarily working somewhere else.

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