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The Biggest Benefits of Employee Engagement

Today, employee engagement is treated as a miracle drug for many workplace challenges. You have likely heard about all the benefits of employee engagement from your favorite bloggers or read about the benefits in newspapers, but some are quite absurd. Now is the time to learn about the truth behind employee engagement and why it is something all business owners should work on and improve.

From overall employee satisfaction to improved sales skills, employee engagement offers an array of benefits. Keep reading to learn more about what these specific benefits are.

Improved Employee Safety

Employee engagement refers to the strength of the emotional and mental connection that employees feel toward their workplace. Since engaged employees are more connected to their workplace, they are also more aware of what is around them. In fact, research has proven that about 70% fewer safety incidents occur in workplaces that are considered “highly engaged.” Whether than worrying about if there is room for advancement or if their boss or manager likes them, an engaged employee can focus on their job and what they are doing.

Improved Employee Health

An engaged employee is much less likely to be obese, less likely to deal with chronic disease, more likely to exercise, and more likely to eat healthier.

You may wonder why. An engaged workplace shows more respect for an employee’s needs, encouraging individuals to care for their health. You can offer flexible schedules, fresh fruit and vegetables in the breakroom, and even company-sponsored events and activities. When employees are healthy, it will provide various organizations with the most notable being an improved bottom line.

Happier Employees

When an organization has highly engaged employees, they do not have to resort to termination, peer pressure, or other high-stress actions to motivate their workers. Instead, you can use an employee monitoring tool to control what the employees are doing, assign them roles according to their skill sets and generally improve employee recognition to help increase performance.

When bosses and managers do not bark threats to workers, employees will be happier, and happy employees will help their employers save money. It is estimated that workplace stress results in over $500 billion lost per year.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are two different things. The satisfaction of your employees measures a minimum level, and engagement works to encourage everyone to achieve more. However, this difference does not mean that higher employee satisfaction levels should not be your end goal.

Approximately 13% of all Americans are somewhat unsatisfied with their current job. If employees were better engaged, this would probably not be an issue.

Improved Home Life

It has been proven that employees who are happy in their job are also happier at home. Engaged workers who have positive experiences while at work and who shared those experiences with the people in their lives are also better able to deal with problems as they arise at home. They also grow to be better companions, and they are more effective in the overall home environment.

Put simply, engaged workers are beneficial to more than just the workplace – they are helpful to families, as well. They will not complain about their job to their partner, will have the energy to spend time and interact with children after work, and contribute to a more positive home environment.

Reduced Rates of Absenteeism

An engaged employee is more invested in their job and cares about the team’s overall success. This is going to lead to them coming to work more often. An engaged employee is committed to the mission of their organization. They are going to arrive each day with the intention set to make sure it is done.

Creating More Engaged Workers

When it comes to improving engagement among your workers, there are several things you can do and steps you can take. Keep the tips and information here in mind to ensure you get the results desired and see the benefits offered by engaged workers. Being informed is the best way to move forward.

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