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The biggest casino wins in Canada’s history

Playing casino games, whether that’s online or in-person, is not all about the money. It can be a fun experience as well as a very social activity too. However, you would be lying if you said you were never hoping to win a large sum while gambling. Unfortunately, no amount of skill, calculations and not even the best BetMGM Ontario casino available will be able to guarantee you a big win – sometimes it’s just pure luck. Such luck does strike once in a while, however, and it can completely change the lives of people. Here are the biggest known casino wins in Canada’s history.

Casida Polk, $1 million

While it may be the smallest win on the list, the story of Casida Polk is particularly unique. After wagering only $20 on a Mighty Millionaire slot, Casida cashed out an incredible $1 million cheque. What is even more amazing, is that it only took her 3 minutes to win this life-changing sum of money – now that’s what we call a decent hourly return rate!

Kathyrn, $1.8 million

Another unique Canadian success story is of a 55-year-old lady known as Kathyrn. In 2013, Kathyrn visited a casino in Niagara Falls and saw a Michael Jackson themed slot machine. Being a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s music, Kathyrn decided to put $60 on the slot and next thing you know, she is leaving the casino with a newly earnt $1.8 million. Isn’t it great when things you love can also make you money?

Chi Hoc Hunyh, $1.8 million

In 2017, a retired man called Chi Hoc Hunyh got lucky in the Montreal Casino with an incredible $1.8 million jackpot win. Not only did he only wager $30 before cashing out the whopping sum of money but it also happened on Boxing Day – he surely couldn’t have unboxed a better present that Christmas. Chi Hoc Hunyh later relieved that he’d like to use his winnings to travel the world on a lush cruise trip.

Anonymous player, $4.7 million

Some of the biggest casino wins in Canada’s history happened to people who preferred to remain anonymous, understandably. This unknown player from Toronto was lucky enough to collect a $4.7 million sum from a Megabucks slot machine in 2008. According to the casino, the person was a regular visitor and he was absolutely thrilled with the huge win.

Nick Hulst, $5.8 million

Another incredible win came from a casino in Niagara Falls, in 2004. Nick Hulst won an incredible $5.8 million jackpot playing a Megabucks slot machine. The tax accountant from Toronto wagered $60 on the slot, which can be considered quite a large sum of money to gamble with. It’s fair to say that the investment paid off, though.

Anonymous player, $7.5 million

The above winnings from Megabucks slots were the largest known to Canada until higher-paying casino games entered the market. In 2015, an anonymous player from Vancouver cashed in a life-changing $7.5 million from Mega Moolah – a popular online game, known for turning regular players into millionaires.

Anonymous player, $20 million

In 2019, an anonymous Canadian player scooped a whopping record-breaking prize of $20 million, making history as the largest known win in Canada’s history. The player struck luck at  Zodiac casino on a Mega Moolah slot. There is no information on where that person is today, but we’re guessing that he or she is living their best life!

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