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The biggest epidemics in history

Pandemic relates to widespread disease more than average expected level in a particular geographical region. Unfortunately, the world has faced some of the worst biggest epidemics and pandemics that have doomed the whole civilization. Various businesses were disrupted that led to the growth of digital platforms like ice casino no deposit bonus. They have even brought powerful nations to their knees. These terrible disease outbreaks still imperil humanity. However, thanks to advancements in epidemiology, we do not face the same ominous consequences as our ancestors.

List of Worst Epidemics Faced

Below is the list of some of the worst epidemics faced by humankind.


The world recently faced one of the worst pandemics of humanity. It all began in late December 2019, when a novel coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 caused COVID-19. According to WHO, by May 2020, there were 520 million COVID-19 cases worldwide. It disrupted not only the normal life but also caused massive losses in terms of finance.


HIV/AIDS was first observed in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has proved to be a global pandemic. It has taken the lives of around 36 million people since 1981. Today around 35 million people live with HIV, most of which are in Sub-Saharan Africa (about 5% of the population is infected, approximately 21 million people). However, with widespread awareness, treatments are developed that make HIV more manageable. Fortunately, the annual global death toll dropped from 2.2 million to 1.6 million between 2005 and 2012.

H1N1 Swine Flu

In 2009, the swine flu pandemic was caused by H1N1’s new strain from Mexico. It affected around 1.4 billion people in just one year and killed between 151,700 and 575,400 people. The Swine flu mostly attacked young adults and children, and 80% of the deaths were less than 65. It is because older people develop immunity against H1N1 Flu easily compared to younger ones.

Asian Flu

Asian Flu was yet another flu pandemic in 1957 in East Asia. It was an H2N2 strain that was first detected in February 1957 in Singapore. In April 1957, the Flu made its way to Hong Kong and the coastal cities of the United States by the summer of 1957. The flu death number reached around 1.1 million worldwide, of which 116,00 were in the United States.

Polio Epidemic

The Polio Epidemic began in New York and had 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths in the United States. It affected Children and left survivors with permanent physical disabilities. It occurred sporadically in the United States until the development of Salk’s Vaccine in 1954. With the wide and easy availability of the vaccine, the cases declined— The United States registered the last polio case in 1979. However, worldwide vaccination has highly reduced the disease but is not fully eradicated.


Humankind has lost lives to some terrible diseases. Pandemics and Epidemics have not only endangered lives but have broken humans emotionally and economically. These diseases have been brutal killers and know no limits. Even though technological advancements have tried to control the impact of epidemics, we are far away from a world free of diseases.

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