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The Biggest Brands On Instagram In 2020

Instagram is a great social media platform for brands to connect with their followers in order to build an active and much engaged community, as well as to make sales – after all this is what businesses are there to do!

Nike – 122 million followers

The most followed brand of all on Instagram, the Oregon based sports clothing company Nike has more than 122 millions followers that are based all across the globe. The main focus of their content is on athletes who either wear their jerseys or vests as part of a Nike sponsored sports team, such as the women’s USA soccer team, or who are sponsored by the brand on an individual basis, such as the golfer Tiger Woods.

In order to connect with their current audience and to keep growing it at the rate that they have been doing so far, Nike regularly runs marketing campaigns on Instagram. One of their most popular ones was back in 2018 and centred around the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, using the hashtag #makersofthegame. These campaigns involve high quality photographs and videos with engaging captions in order to create a real buzz about it.

Victoria’s Secret – 68.7 million followers

A leader within the fashion industry as well as on Instagram, Victoria’s Secret regularly posts images and videos of the world’s top super models wearing their apparel. It is this aspirational content that really appeals to a wide international audience and goes some way to explain their large 68.7 million users following. Over the past five years the brand has really grown on the platform, seeing them gain as many as 32,000 followers each and every day.

In addition to aspirational imagery, Victoria’s Secret let their followers see behind the scenes of their fashion shows and product launches, which work well to really boost levels of engagement amongst their huge following.

Chanel – 41.6 million followers

The Luxury clothing brand Chanel boasts an impressive 41.6 million followers of their Instagram account. Again, they too post content that is aspirational, something that users on the platform clearly like. This sees them gain as many as 19,500 new followers on the app each and every day. Like many other brands within the fashion industry, Chanel provides their followers with an insight into how their products are made, the celebrities that endorse them, and behind the scenes content from their various fashion shows from around the world.

Getting to the level of the brands featured above is no mean feat and it is very unlikely that you would ever get there without the help of expert Instagram specialists, such as SocialMeep. This is because they have special strategies in place that help to create organic growth on your Instagram account and use a specialist automation tool that works to keep the entire process nice and easy for you.

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