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Top 6 Things To Be Kept In Mind While Creating Event WordPress Theme

WordPress emerges as the top Content Management System for designing websites that represent businesses in a unique and ultimate way. Featured with state-of-the-art WordPress themes, this CMS lets you design a website that stands out among the hoard of others. While adding the event page to any WordPress website, one needs to be specific keeping in mind their business objectives and requirements. While planning stages to the development of an effective WordPress theme, you need to ensure a smooth connection with your audiences. In addition to the basic purpose, you also need to incorporate elements that leave a mesmerizing effect.

It is always a wise decision to hire WordPress developers who are skilled enough to design event pages that look enticing, high on aesthetic, extremely professional and convey the right message to audiences. This blog shares some useful tips that should be kept in mind before designing or customizing an event WordPress theme. Let’s take a look.

  1. Incorporation of appealing media elements

When designing a promotional event theme, the role of audio, video and images should never be ignored. These elements should be inserted in a way so as to present the entire details of events while making visitors clear about what they might be expecting the type of event it could be. These elements will not only add to the authenticity but also offer precise information.

Any kind of visual element being added in the theme must be of good quality. Blurred and pixelated graphics should be avoided. They are most likely to create a negative impression and create troubles leading to a cumbersome user experience.

  1. Responsive Design

In order to attract both mobile and web users, it is important to include a design that is responsive. Making a theme mobile-friendly entails that it is not just confined to devices of certain resolutions. The coding of a theme is done in a way so that it becomes viewable on all devices with equal subtlety. In order to make an event theme responsive, you need to hire WordPress developers who are well-acquainted with responsive technologies.

  1. Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is a source to engage users towards your services. It not only brings a huge influx of traffic but also draws visitor’s attention by involvement in discussions, posting or sharing news to others. Sharing the posts might increase the followers as well as expand the reach of your event. Integrating the functionality of social media has also proven to be effective in increasing page view plus sharing stats.

  1. Pixel-Perfect Design Markup

Hand-coded markup should be adopted to make the code entirely free from bugs. The developers should write the code around the functionality and also the content. Whenever the design is created in sync with the content, the chances of distortion in the design is minimized. The design should also be pixel-perfect, meaning the theme must appear with sharpness irrespective of the browser. Pixel-perfect markup can only be ensured when the code is hand-coded with perfection.

5.Integration of payment gateways

A secure payment gateway counts to be an important element that must be incorporated to secure transactions, thereby allowing consumers to process sign ups in just a single click. The integration of smart and secure payment gateways streamlines the buying experience for consumers. By initiating real-time transactions, Payment gateways offer an ultra-fast service to manage transactions made by consumers, thereby giving valuable insights to your business.

  1. Engaging content that connects users

An engaging content will definitely compel visitors to come back for more. Therefore, it is required to create interactive and engaging content for increasing brand reach. A feature-rich and great quality content is an enhanced way to reach targeted audiences.

Closing Words:

When it comes to designing an event WordPress theme, the factors mentioned above should be kept in mind. These tips will assist developers in the right direction and help setting up an efficient and clear website. The inclusion of event WordPress themes not only saves a lot of time but also developmental costs. These tips will add an extra layer of professionalism and help you acquire trust of audiences.


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