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When the recruiter becomes the recruited

From the name of the topic, can we all guess something at the first hand? People with a yes, can already understand and for people with a no, there is something waiting for you.

The name of the topic itself suggests that the contents will mainly speak on the recruiter of a company and also about the recruited of a company

So let us all start with knowing the roles and functions of the recruiter and the recruited.

Well, who are the recruiters of a particular company? What is the job of the recruiters of a particular company?

So let us first know about the recruiters and their job.

If you are interested in human resources as a career option, then you may choose to become a recruiter. From helping companies to build a team of qualified staff to help individuals to find their dream job, you can be a part of everything.

Now here comes the specific definition of a recruiter. A Recruiter is someone who finds candidates to fill up specific open positions in a company. Among the people who apply only the eligible candidates are selected and they qualify for each job opening.

Now, let us know about the aim of the recruiters. The main aim of the recruiters is to help the new candidates find their dream job and also help the employers find their quality employees.

When there is a need for candidates in the company, the work of the recruiter starts

He releases the application form on all the social media sites for a better reach and also to the website of the company so that people can apply After this, the eligible candidates are shortlisted by the recruiter and then they undergo interviews before the final process of selection. This helps the companies to fill up the vacancies with eligible candidates. so here providing link for top recruiter in Dubai.

Now let us come to the word Recruited. Can you all guess who the recruited people are and what is their job?

During the process of recruitment the company selects a recruiter and he uploads the available positions for the company

According to the positions of the company, the candidates apply to the company based on the positions they are eligible for and then the applications are received by the company.

After all the applications for a particular position in the company are received, the recruiter of the company who is elected by the company itself gives a check through the applications After he has finished checking, he works on the process of shortlisting the names of the candidates who have applied and are eligible for the post at the same time After shortlisting, the recruiter of the company contacts the shortlisted candidates and then the entire process of the interview starts.

At first, the recruiter of the company contacts the candidates over a telephone and takes a short interview where it is only a normal conversation between the recruiter and the candidate In this, only the introductory part of both the members are discussed and depending on this discussion or call, the recruiter decides whether to takes this conversation further or not.

If the recruiter decides that this can be taken further, he contacts the same candidate and asks him for a video conference where he can discuss the needs of the company and also go ahead with the procedure of selecting the candidate.

In the video conference the, the recruiter asks the candidate certain question regarding the task that he or she needs to perform when they join the company Depending on the answer of the candidate the recruiter decides whether or not to accept the candidate for the following position.

Here the candidate needs to be very careful while interacting with the recruiter because his answers to the recruiter will either increase his chances of getting selected and then confirm his position in the company or will decrease his chances of getting selected and will not confirm his position in the company.

If in the video conference interview, all the things are well maintained then the recruiter may decide to select the candidate for the position in which he had applied.

After his selection for the position, the candidate is now the new recruit of the company and then he is given the offer letter by the company and then joins the company for his work from a certain date.

All this happens in the online mode But do you know what happens in the offline mode? It is very simple.

After the telephonic call, instead of the video conference, the candidate needs to directly visit the company on the date of the interview and appear for a round of questions that may be asked to him by the recruiters After this round, the entire process remains the same and then after getting selected, the candidate becomes the recruit of the company.

Have you ever thought about the fact, when does the recruiter becomes the recruited?

This is a situation that takes place when the company is suffering great losses and is not being able to manage so many workers together and is also not able to pay them the required salary

In this situation when the company is undergoing losses, the heads of the company and the people who recruit the candidates for the particular positions in the company stop the process of recruitment and then they themselves start working as the recruited people so as to handle the crisis that is being faced by the company This is the time when the recruiters become the recruited and then they start working a lot more than their required task so as to manage the loss suffered by the company.

The main thing to this is that whenever there is a scarcity of the recruited people who work for the company and also handle different types of functions and meetings of the company, then the recruiters take the position of the recruited people and then they start handling their functions or jobs.

In this way, they try to preserve the image or the position of the company in the market and also in between the competitors.

The scarcity of the recruited members generally happens when many of the recruited members leave the company all at the same time or when the company is suffering losses and the company has to put out some of the recruited people because they are no able to give the recruited people the desired salary.

From this, we can tell that the main thing of priority is that we need to save the company and its image in the market and also the competitors and for this, if the company needs its recruiters to come to the level of recruited then that will also be accepted but somehow the company needs to be saved.

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