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Marketing Technologies to help you be more productive

They say marketing is as much an art form as it is a science. Well, increasingly it is becoming all about science. A copywriter could have words of biblical power that could move even the hardest customer to buy his product, he could combine it with the most beautiful graphics and images, but without targeting that ad to the user who is in need at that specific time, it will all be wasted. That is why data-driven marketing is absolutely essential now. Here this article will point you to some of the best ways to use science and technology to better market to your audience.

Data Collection

Without the right data, marketers could be shooting in the dark, hoping that they hit the right people with the right message. Lucky if they achieve a click-through rate that is higher than 2% and a conversion rate that is anywhere near half a percent. With AI and data analytics they can reasonably expect to improve click-throughs to double digits or higher and conversion rates of 4 or 5% for a niche brand.

AI or Artificial intelligence uses computing power to sift through the plethora of information about a customer’s behavior, activity and even buying history to give you useable data to better reach new customers and retain or upsell to your existing customers. AI software can mine thousands of lines of customer data to help you segment them by value (how much they have ordered over their lifetime), strongest interests from click data, purchases and actions on your website, social pages or marketing content. If you were to do this yourself you would be struggling to separate out all the different data categories.

Simple 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional segmentation like age and category of purchase can be handled by manual research but to have multiple data points and segmentation requires computing power that only AI can provide. AI software from companies like or Optmyzer can streamline your CRM and data crunching into easy to read summary reports giving you actionable points to take on your social posting, who to target for your next product launch or PPC bidding optimization.

Once you have some solid customer data that pinpoint who they are, what they are after and what they would best respond to, how do you make your communication more efficient? For instance, uses this concept.

Use Marketing Tools

There are lots of tools on the market to help you with social media and email marketing and even chatbots that will automate the communication with visitors to your website.

Let’s start with chatbots, these are skins on your website that can be pre-programmed with commonly asked questions and the responses you would like to give to educate the customer about your brand or specific products. They respond instantly to visitors and are always polite. 80% of customer queries are about the same few things so, chatbots can efficiently and cheaply handle the bulk of these queries, and when their knowledge is exhausted or the question is out of their remit, the customer can be connected to a human customer services agent or leave a message to be responded to.

For social media, there are easy ways to schedule posts so that content can be stockpiled and delivered at set intervals or according to important dates in the calendar. There are tools that can scrape news sites, Twitter or Linkedin feeds and builds your own content according to your brand and messages. This makes the management of social media much less daunting and much less labor-intensive. Buffer or Hootsuite are 2 established software companies that can help you manage multiple social media platforms.

Marketing Campaigns

Finally, for email campaigns, which are making a comeback because of the need for more value-added and specific content, there are auto-responders and funnel tools that can take your customer on a 7 or 8 email journey from introduction to giving them a complete breakdown of what your company can do for them. Mailchimp and Getresponse are 2 such email management platforms that can help you automate a lot of the process including template design, segmentation and data analysis.

The modern marketer is a busy marketer, so any tools or technology that can help them be more efficient, accurate and ultimately more successful in driving good quality leads and customers are a must in today’s marketing industry.

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