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Features of A Paid Socks Proxy

When the matter involves security for the internet servers, then selecting the right HTTP proxy can become a difficult task. Socks is the abbreviation for the Socks that is an application based on server and it is used for transferring data or information between the client computers. It is not only used by services like Tor, but also supported by most VPN and proxy services. The servers utilize the filtering rules for enhancing the security of the internet usage. The paid socks use internet protocol for keeping the client machines anonymous and completely safe for the security reasons. These servers enhance the accessibility and speed of the routine access data. This is apparent when used along with a firewall.

The paid socks proxy transfers the data from one server to another server without getting inside the data content. This proxy is able to work with a socks version. It can work with other formats such as FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, and NNTP. It has become an added advantage because the company keeps on growing and you have to add the new servers. The expandability of the servers suggests that you do not need to buy a completely new system. All that you need is adding to the already existing servers. Presently, there are three various kinds of proxy servers that are available in the market.

Hiding the IP address

Socks technology is a secure tool, which offers anonymity over the internet. A working principle regarding this technology is quite similar to a proxy server. A socks server gets the data of the user and sends it to a web server and then retargets the data back. Hiding the IP address with a proxy server is something like the mediator between the network servers and the user. A proxy server sends the requests to a web server. In return, it gets all the information. This is the reason why the use of the proxy is the guarantee of anonymity.

These proxy servers have their own web interfaces and they can be worked with very easily. All that you require is visiting the particular site and then put the essential address. After that, the server hides the IP address. Thereafter, the downloading of the requested page takes place. This way, you can be sure of your security. However, it is not possible to get a good anonymizer completely for free. These days, the users have to make payment to remain unnoticed. There are many people who believe that staying anonymity is not legal and must be stopped.

Improved bandwidth savings and speed

Companies use the socks proxy for saving the bandwidth and improving the performance as they can be used for caching the web pages and the files from the internet, compress the traffic, and removing the ads from the websites prior to reaching the computer of the user. This can massively save the bandwidth, particularly when a large number of employees use the same sites. It can also store the accessed web page and when requested further, it can forward a local copy without downloading again the page, provided that the content remains the same.

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