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Cover is the Solution to Design and Build a Backyard Studio with Ease

Most of us have, at any point in time, thought about taking up some of that available space in the backyard and build something there. A studio for our music endeavors, our photography sessions, architecture business or simply a pool house, the plans are endless, but the solutions are most definitely not.

Now, though, there is a solution that eases the entire process of building such a construction. Cover, thanks to a personalized and versatile building system, that they used along with design optimization software, are able to remove all the hassles that are generally associated with the process, making things easier, faster and legally safer.

Cover analyzes each case in order to determine what is the appropriate kind of shed for each location, and also what it is and is not possible to build there, according to local regulations. For the moment, it operates in the Los Angeles area alone.

This is done with a survey consisting of 50 to 100 questions about that land and the intended purpose of the shed, after which an array of possible designs is delivered to the client. All the tedious parts are taken care of by Cover, including studying these designs, permit obtainment and construction management.

From all the team behind Cover, it is important to highlight the lead designer Thomas Heyer, whose work and contributions in that field are basilar to the company. However, and considering all the awards Heyer won, this comes as no surprise.

He also had a decisive importance in developing some of Cover’s key innovations, such as active usage of seams that are masterfully integrated in the design, in a way that makes it easy for builders to quickly and easily assembly the structure without the need for cutting or patching, replacement of drywall with multi-material sandwich panels, which also contribute for easy transport and installation, while also being serviceable in terms of piping and electrical installation — they even pre-wire those panels to make the installation faster.

Cover is definitely mixing the construction game, using design and software to deliver a better and improved product. With their constructions being easy to put in place, Cover also contributes for custom, convenient and cost-effective solutions, which are sure to please everyone looking to make a neat addition to their backyards.

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