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Break Free From the Chains of Restriction!

How To Set The Best VPN on Kodi for Android

As far as I know, everybody wants the best in life. Who would settle for less if it is within the palm of their fingertips right? But sadly, not all is easy to get nor will it do any good if one obtains the wrong things that he believes will satisfy his or her much anticipated and deepest of cravings. I mean why waste time with the insignificant and less helpful things right? I would honestly get out from bed when I wake up the next morning and seek the best possible service there that I can find for my yearnings. And one of my utmost and delicate desires is watching movies and t.v. shows online through my Kodi app for android.

Now you may ask why do I need VPN for my Kodi app? Well it’s simple, so I can access the multiverse of media goodness and enjoy high quality entertainment anywhere I go as long as there is an internet connection. It will definitely get you by the day when you are in a small, boring, lifeless location with nothing but access to the World Wide Web. As you can see out there, there many types of services that will allow you access but for me VPN is the best option because not only does it remove restrictions, but it will also keep you safe from IP detection and cyber attacks which can leak your information and steal your identity. So let’s make life a little less complicated and follow these easy steps in installing the best VPN on Kodi for Android.

Install Kodi App

First and foremost you have to install Kodi on Android. Kodi is a media player designed to access and stream online movies as well as play videos from your phone. So go to the Google Playstore and download this baby. It’ll take about 3 minutes or less depending on your internet speed but none the less, it will be there.

Activate Unknown Sources

Now here is the best part comes in, installing the VPN for Kodi. It’s actually an add on called Incursion that will solve your streaming access problems down to its core. Now it’s only a matter of time before you can use your Kodi app to its full potential. To make it happen, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Open your Kodi App. You will see a cogwheel icon. This is the settings button. Its located in the top left corner of the Kodi App Screen.
  2. Click it and a Menu bar will appear. Choose and click a Cogwheel icon with a screwdriver with the name System Settings. Make sure you are on Expert Mode by highlighting the Display option and then by clicking the Expert cogwheel icon.

  3. Now go to add ons option on the same screen then turn on “Unknown Sources”. Make sure that a white button appears so you know that it has been activated.

  4. After that a window box will pop up telling you that if you activate this option, Kodi will not be responsible for any loss of data, unwanted activity and damage to your device. This is just a precaution and you won’t have to worry about anything because you are using VPN.
  5. Choose among the add ons available in the web.

Installing Incursion Add On for Kodi Krypton

Now to install this add on for streaming, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Again click on Settings then go to File Manager. It’s a folder icon that is really easy to distinguish because it is the last option in the screen.
  2. Click Add source, then choose the one with the word “None” on it. Then enter  and then click the OK button. Give it the name addons4kodi just so you can distinguish and find it easily.

  3. Double check everything, then go back to the main menu then click Add ons and then click the Package icon, (its an open box image).

  4. Click Install from ZIP File, then choose the file name addons4kodi, the one you created earlier. Then click Repository then choose repository.incursion then just wait for a minute for the top right to appear and say Incursion Repository.

  5. Click install from Repository then choose Incursion Repository then click Video add ons then install. After this incursion will now be available in the video add ons menu. From there you can choose the videos or shows you want to stream without having to think about security because you are using VPN for Kodi.

Now you can enjoy unlimited and free access to any movie or show that you want, when you want, wherever you want. It’s good to know that some things in life can be free and that great things come from small packages.

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