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Fun Facts on Facebook [Infographic]

Looking for some fun fast facts on the Facebook com login page?

We’ve got you covered!

Some people don’t realize how massive Facebook really is.

Whereas some people pay $30 per month to host their site online:

Facebook pays a mind-boggling $30 million per month for hosting!!

In fact:

If Facebook’s services go down for one minute, it costs the company $25,000 in lost revenue!

Now, that’s a lot of money!

Even more impressive is Facebook’s operating software.

Would you believe:

Approximately 24.7 million lines of code are needed to fly an F-35 Fighter Jet.

Facebook, in comparison, uses 61 million lines of code to operate its own software!

You might even:

Managing Facebook is more challenging than flying a private military aircraft!!

Here’s the deal:

Even though the average Facebook user has over 100 friends on their social profile:

A recent survey showed that users would only reach out to 4 of those friends for help.

This shows you how precious and rare true friends really are.

Facebook is so massive that not all of its users are even real.


About 9 percent of users on Facebook are fake.

You might want to reconsider some of those celebrities you follow on Facebook.

Here are even more fascinating fast facts on Facebook for you to enjoy right here:

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