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Benefits of SAP Training

With only a handful of software, the main idea of Systems Applications and Products (SAP) invention in 1972 was to serve specific organizations across industries.

However, the progressive development of different SAP modules has made it accepted and used by many small and middle-sized organizations today.

Companies use it for efficient management of business processes.

Meanwhile, adequate knowledge is required to effectively deploy enterprise resource planning (ERP) for optimal results.

ERP includes software for managing essential aspects of a business-like sales, marketing, finance, human resources, procurement and production.

Professionals spend years trying to master SAP, but the knowledge can be easily acquired with SAP training.

Benefits of SAP training

SAP certification is one of the best any worker can have in today’s digital world. The consistent addition of new applications and tools makes it worthwhile in nearly all business operations.

The SAP Training Online equips candidates with the skills to manage several SAP modules.

Benefits of SAP training for individuals

Job opportunities

As many companies use SAP systems, an SAP certification offers you numerous opportunities in many industries worldwide.

It can also help you outcompete others during a job screening.

Better pay

Typically, employees’ salaries are determined by their work experience, educational background, personal motivation and skill sets.

SAP certification can earn you additional pay compared to others in the same level and role—the higher your certifications, the better the employer’s chances of increasing your salary.


SAP certification can help you get your desired promotion faster, giving you a clear advantage over uncertified colleagues that would have been considered for the position.

SAP training will help you become a topic expert in handling specific tools.

Good reputation

Good pay, promotions and expertise will likely earn you a good reputation among colleagues and friends.

Such public acknowledgement can inspire you to perform better in your job and seek more relevant skills to advance your career.

Benefits of SAP Training for organizations

Reduces cost of operation

There is an SAP application for most departments in an organization, and it can help minimize the time taken to complete tasks and reduce overall operating costs.

SAP training help employees gain the required knowledge in handling these tools and thus makes your investment worthwhile.

Data centralization

There are lots of departments in organizations. The complexity and difference in their functions and responsibilities make it difficult for them to synchronize.

This impedes the easy sharing of data among them. SAP ERP can help an organization maintain and share data among different departments effectively.

All data are stored at a location, making it centralized and easily accessible.

The SAP software for this purpose is managed by workers with relevant SAP training.

Data security

Data leakage or compromise could be fatal for any organization. Anyone without authorized access is expected to be locked out of your Datahub.

There are specially developed SAP applications for data security. They are secured with the latest encryption technology and deployed by SAP-certified professionals for optimal protection.

Customer satisfaction

SAP ERP are designed to improve the quality of service delivered to customers. A reduced processing time can translate to a better customer experience.

It can also help identify clients’ particular needs with the best solution to attend to them.

When handled by a trained SAP expert, ERP can help an organization to quickly catch up on the latest trend in the industry and ensure survival and profitability.


Data centralization provided by SAP can facilitate easy collaboration among team members from different departments.

This will encourage teamwork as it would be easier to handle projects requiring input from almost all departments.

An SAP-certified professional can advise on the best applications for your team collaboration.

Best paying SAP modules

SAP HANA (In-Memory Appliance)

SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) is an in-memory database platform developed by SAP. Companies widely use it to store large amounts of data in a server’s main memory.

Trained SAP HANA professionals earn an average annual salary of about $240,000.

SAP BW Accelerator

The SAP BW accelerator is designed for the Business Warehouse system to accelerate query performance.

Individuals trained in SAP BW Accelerator earn approximately $148,000 yearly.

NetWeaver Portals (SAP EP)

SAP NetWeaver Portal is one of the building blocks in SAP NetWeaver architecture. It provides single-point role-based access to the organization’s applications.

Professionals trained in SAP EP earn an average annual salary of $143,000.

Accelerated SAP (ASAP)

Accelerated SAP application is designed to help organizations’ employees to optimize time, productivity, and efficient use of resources by implementing the proven methodology.

Individuals trained in ASAP can expect to earn an average salary of $140,000 annually.

SAP Business Workflow/Webflow

SAP Business Workflow/Webflow offers applications for analyzing workflows and monitoring operations.

When trained in Webflow, you can earn about $140,000 annually.

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