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Extinguishing Myths about Air Duct Cleaning Services

An air duct is a pipe made out of fiberglass, plastics, or metal. Some are round, and others have different shapes. Ducts provide air to the house by taking outside air, filtering it into the home, and blowing out the inside air. Duct system plays an essential role in keeping our homes comfortable to live in. However, there are many myths surrounding air duct cleaning services and that’s what we discuss today.

Ducts are not visible because they are hidden in the ceilings and basements. Homeowners easily forget them because out of sight, out of mind. These ducts collect dirt, and inhaling dirty air can cause severe problems like allergies and air shortage to people with asthma. To keep your air ducts clean, you should consider air duct cleaning services regularly whenever deemed necessary.

Why Should I Care About the Air Duct

Poorly maintained ducts collect a lot of dirt over time, including debris, pet dirt, and molds. A dirty air duct will work harder causing it to weaken, function less efficiently, and use more energy leading to a rise in energy bills.

The Myths And the Truth About Air Duct Cleaning Services

Some people choose to clean and do duct cleaning Toronto by themselves, which is not a good idea. It is advisable to call a professional to give your air duct good cleaning service because they have the right tools and equipment. Before contacting one to do it for you, there are some myths you need to know the truth about.

1. Air Duct Cleaning Leads to a Better Flow of Air

It is not true. Duct cleaning removes small dirt particles that find their way in the duct. If you have problems with hot or cold spots and heating and cooling issues in your home, you might not find a permanent solution by cleaning the duct only.

Cleaning will not make a difference with your system’s design, nor will it increase airflow. These problems could also be caused by breaches found in the duct system. If you have airflow issues, you can get a solution from a professional who will conduct a flow hood test to identify the problem.

2. Duct Cleaning Gets Rid of Odor and Mold

This is false. Some cleaning companies indeed come with microbial sprays, but this is not a permanent solution to mold. With time, the mold will come back. Also, for odors to be removed entirely, you should first find the cause. Spraying will only take away the odor for some time. Air duct cleaning services remove the dust and debris deposits but does not remove their causes.

3. Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned After Three or Five Years

Air duct cleaning is usually necessary if there are accumulated particles that are making it ineffective. It is not part of routine duct maintenance. A properly installed and sealed duct does not attract dirt, so it does not need regular cleaning.

Also, if you clean your floor with vacuums every six months that means that there will be no dust builds in your home, so no dust in your duct. In such situations, cleaning the duct might be necessary only if you had a major reconstruction that created a lot of dust. After that, your duct is intact again and clean.

4. Duct Cleaning Cannot Damage Your System

Your system is being tampered with, so it is likely to suffer some damages. Before you start any duct cleaning Toronto, it is essential to know the following;

A. A Flexible Ductwork

These ducts have a spring wrapped with fragile plastic covered with a layer of insulation. After some time, the plastic gets more fragile because of the heat. This kind of ductwork is weak.

B. Aluma Flex Ductwork

This ductwork has insulation beneath the outside cover of the duct. It is easy to clean and more durable.

C. Rigid Ducting

It’s made from rigid sheet metal. This is the best of all ductwork, and when installed properly, it does not need regular checking.

Duct cleaning Toronto is an excellent solution to specific needs. Still, it would be best to ensure that you carry out regular maintenance, install the proper filtrations, and ensure proper installation and sealing of your ductwork. Do not rely on air duct cleaning services only.

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