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5 Technologies That Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

The art and science of marketing, whether in the real world or the virtual one, keeps changing with time. As new technologies emerge, the old ones get replaced by the new ones.

There are several considerations to make in a typical marketing effort—the buyer’s psyche, the nature of the product or service that is being offered, and the medium chosen for the marketing strategy. But do the new strategies work as effectively as the previous ones? It takes some time and a few tries to make a conclusion.

However, adapting to change is an important part of every business operation, and the latest digital marketing technologies are no exception to this.

Here are five tech-enabled digital marketing strategies that have been found to be useful and productive.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

You can’t keep out artificial intelligence from any conversation relating to technology in today’s context. The science lies in the algorithms that the software developers have managed to create, which enable the devices being used by ordinary people to quickly decipher the choices and preferences of the users.

What would have taken weeks and months in the conventional methods could be served to the digital marketing strategists on a platter within a very short period. Such customer preferences can then be used to offer products and services of their choice online and ultimately gain more business in the long run.

These efforts may appear to be similar to the SEO techniques and strategies adopted earlier, but each has its unique ways of targeting the end customers. AI and machine learning expands and strengthens certain SEO techniques, such as pay-per-clicks.

2. Video Marketing

The best digital marketing experts are using the latest technologies available to them on tap to create videos, GIFs and other visual media formats and serving them up to the customers on every platform they can occupy to promote their clients’ products/services.

If you are on your Facebook page and find a live video suddenly start playing and attracting your attention, consider the strategy adopted by the promoter of the video a success. Though it may irk some customers, a majority don’t mind being presented with such short promotional clips to enhance the awareness of the product being marketed through the video.

From the marketers’ point of view, it is quite economical too to create and place the videos strategically on social media and other websites to corner eyeballs. In terms of technology, there have been tweaks to suit the production of videos for being played on mobile devices and, therefore, there is no compromise on quality either.

3. Chatbots on Social Media and Other Websites

Most people have gotten used to the chat bots on websites they visit, which show up as soon as one enters the site and offer to help with whatever the visitor needs. In most cases, it responds to the visitor with text.

Customer relationship management (CRM) gets a boost with better and faster resolution of customers’ issues with the products or services offered by the website. This is one way that chatbots aid with digital marketing through connecting with customers directly.

And from the cost perspective, it saves the expenses of having a team available 24/7 to answer customers’ questions. With a better experience and interaction, the customers are happier.

Besides this, the application of technology makes it feasible for the chatbots to collect data which can then be analyzed to find better solutions favoring the customers. Chatbots can also be effectively deployed on social media sites like Facebook to advertise and market a company’s products.

4. Marketing Automation Software

There are several software programs now available which can automate the marketing processes that might otherwise need human intervention.

Email marketing tools, for example, have the same provision where the customer’s permission is obtained to be presented with messages about the product. The new software can then take over and ensure the emails are generated and sent to such customers in a programmed manner without leaving anything to human error.

The communication will have to be created and edited and then sequenced for email campaigns. Targeted marketing messages with links to the sites as part of the overall digital marketing initiative can be achieved through the use of technology, and these could change the very nature of how digital marketing is designed and executed in the long term. If you want custom solutions to automate marketing processes, visit acuto to know more.

5. Voice Assistant-Based Devices

In the context of the United States at least, there are an increasing number of households using Internet of Things (or IoT) devices such as home speakers, Alexa or Google Home. These may be turned into channels for carrying the marketers’ messages across to the customers.

When people ask for the latest news from Alexa or for Google Home’s speaker to search for the best product to buy, digital marketers can come up with subtle and not so subtle ways of conveying what they wish to convey and gain the attention of the prospective customers.

Final Words

In the ultimate analysis, technology is all-pervading and gets used by even those sections of the public who were hitherto not hooked on to it. The market itself has, therefore, expanded limitlessly—and so has the need for marketers to come up with a combination of different types of techniques to capture the attention of the wider audience.

This throws a challenge of a different kind to those engaged in designing the digital marketing strategies. While they might have had only the elite or the savvy section of the community to address their messages to, the new audience could comprise a much larger cross-section of the society that may or may not be able to fully absorb what is being conveyed.

The designers and market communication experts will have to go back to their tables or desktops as the case may be and come up with effective ways of catching the eyeballs of the prospective customers.

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Sophie is a marketing specialist at Security Gladiators. A writer by day and a reader by night, she is specialized in tech and cybersecurity. When she is not behind the screen, Sophie can be found playing with her dog.

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