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Instagram bot – number one digital marketing tool in 2022

Today, people buy everything, have fun, watch movies, make new acquaintances, study, and work on the Internet. Social networks play a huge role in all areas of our lives. If someone does not have an Instagram or Facebook page, many begin to doubt that such a person even exists. As the online business develops, marketers and advertisers are coming up with new ways to interact with the audience. Today in this article we will talk about modern tools that an advertising specialist can use to effectively manage a brand online, increase audience engagement and promote their business.

AI opportunities and automation methods

Everyone knows that the use of machines is much more efficient and cheaper than human labor. This is true for the digital space as well. At the very beginning, when companies were just starting to maintain their pages on social networks and promote blogs, managers had to do everything manually publishing dozens of posts and photos every day, combining this with responding to hundreds of comments. Today, successful pages will have tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. To do everything, you need a whole staff of employees. Or just one Instagram bot. Do you want to know how this is possible? Is a software with a small monthly fee really capable of handling such a task?

In-fact online tool is included in the list of top Instagram bots in 2022. Let’s take a closer look at what reasons a marketer has to include it in their arsenal of tools.

Reason number one is the price. Depending on which country you are in, the cost of the services of an SMM specialist starts from 300 euros to 1000 euros per month. This includes a minimum package of 3 publications per week (promotional texts and visual layouts), as well as hashtag generation and analytics. Also, the marketer must be able to set up advertising campaigns and manage the budget. But, as a rule, the work of a targetologist is paid according to a separate price list. It is worth considering that the volume of tasks is directly related to the cost. Sometimes you will have to hire three employees at once – one for content preparation, another for working with the audience, and a third for advertising management. You can calculate how much it costs. For comparison, In-fact with the maximum set of features costs about 100 euros per month.

Audience management

With a bot, you can attract more users and create a loyal community around your brand. Today, organic growth on Instagram is almost impossible. To grow subscribers from scratch, you will need a lot of time and a significant advertising budget. Manual subscription and following takes time and is not very efficient. The bot will be able to automatically follow the target audience, like, comment and respond to the posts of your potential customers. He will do this at a given equal interval, so you will not be banned from the social network. In addition, you can set up targeted advertising and analyze growth by getting detailed audience statistics, including region, language, age, interests, and many other important parameters.

Client communication

As your account audience grows, you need to pay more attention to your followers. A personalized approach is very important. In addition, you can segment subscribers by working with each individual. Chatbot with auto-replies to typical questions can help with this. This will save you a lot of time and you will definitely not lose your audience. In addition, the bot will be able to respond to requests and take orders during non-working hours and even on weekends. You can interact automatically and manage customers. The beauty of artificial intelligence is that it is available 24/7, does not get tired and does not lose its temper even with the most impatient customers.

Content creation and promotion

If you create publications yourself or you have an employee for this, you can make their work easier by setting up posts to be published on a schedule. To do this, you need to draw up a content plan, prepare materials, carefully check everything and mark the release dates and times on the calendar. After that, the bot will publish everything at the right time. This is especially handy if you’re planning to go on vacation, or if you live in a different time zone than where your audience is located. Also with the help of AI hashtag generator you can add reach to your posts. Artificial intelligence constantly analyzes top trends and gives the most relevant tags for the keyword with high (from 1 million publications), medium (from 100 thousand publications) and low frequency (up to 10 thousand mentions). By combining relevant tags, you will get a completely free quality audience.


The introduction of an Instagram bot will allow a marketing specialist to solve a whole range of specific tasks, namely audience management, correspondence with clients, content planning and promotion using hashtags and smart targeting. It’s definitely worth the investment. If you are not sure if this is for you, take a trial period of 2 weeks and enable all the functionality for your account. Analyze how much time you could save and how it affected your reach and engagement. Thousands of companies around the world are already using this tool for automation. If you start doing this, you can overtake your competitors and find new customers on the social network. Eventually, you can focus on what really matters by outsourcing routine tasks to a smart bot.

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