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The eternal relationship between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

The present times are full of new developments in the field of technology as well as ideas and strategies. Traditional marketing, however, remains relevant despite the many events. Its value never seems to decrease in the marketing strategies. Comparing the effectiveness of both digital and traditional marketing, their value remains the same. All ideas mostly seem to depend on the needs of the target audience.

Integrating Conventional and Internet Marketing

Advertisements that are present in the magazines and newspapers still have the same effect as those presented in the social media platforms such as Facebook. They are both critical in making the clients aware of the products and marketing it to many people. However, when advertising the products and brands, one should put in some considerations as some types may do well on different platforms than others. It is always advisable that people try to integrate between the traditional and the digital marketing strategies to achieve the best results in most cases. Combining the marketing forms often means that there is always a large space created for the customers to choose the brands and products. Integration of the two types of marketing also says that the relationship between the brand and the consumers is developed on a large scale of networks. Traditional marketing ensures that the brand does not suffer the risk of losing the past customers or leaving them behind on any developments of the product. For a brand to make progress, previous customers are significant in the business. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is essential in ensuring that more customers are attracted to the company, but that does not mean it can replace the traditional form of marketing entirely. The primary determinant of what kind of marketing is relevant is the type of product and where precisely it needs to be marketed.

Advantages of Combining Different Types of Marketing

Despite the digital era we are living in, some conventional marketing strategies that would involve personal selling and publicity or referrals by the old customers are still relevant and take up a considerable percentage of the sales even in the recent times. They still contribute a significant portion of sales of different products in the market and also bringing in new customers to the business. Social media platforms are grand avenues of showcasing sample products and giving surprise gateways hence attracting new customers, but people are not to overlook the effect of traditional systems too. People who have considered combining the two types of marketing have recorded significant success in creating a larger pool of customers in their businesses and hence the potential growth of their brand name and product sales. Social media, for example, has both inbound and outbound marketing strategies that are vital in the business developments. Inbound on the one hand involves attracting customers into the business with the use of the SEO as well as social media marketing while outbound strategy comprises of reaching out some clients using some various paid or natural search advertising strategies. These two strategies have different capacities to which they reach people, and therefore people are always advised to know which policies will suit their business best and choose them.

How and Where to use Different Forms of Marketing

Traditional marketing always seems to be a passive mode while the digital marketing would always be the active way that the target audience gets involved. Some mediums such as fun corporate games may work well than the others under different circumstances, and therefore it is still advisable to research before settling on which model would be most relevant to the business at a particular location and brand. Using both forms of marketing makes sense as the techniques are essential in passing the brand message and spreading across different medium all the time. Often the traditional forms of marketing are interactive and have a more significant exposure compared to the internet marketing in most cases. Taking old and new ways of marketing into practice for your business is always a grand strategy to simultaneously reach a large number of customers and improving the sales for the company. One can still be competitive with the industry if they use both forms to market their brands as they will have more customers purchasing their products.

Benefits of Marketing for a Business

Business is always looking to promote their products and brands and win customer’s hearts at all times. Marketing strategies are the paths through which the company can achieve great success in business and competition. Internet usage in the present times continues to increase day by day, and hence it becomes essential for organizations to take advantage of internet product promotions. Digital marketing is useful for both small and large businesses. A business that adopts social media marketing has the potential of reaching many customers by allocating their time and money digitally to achieve their success objectives. Some of the digital marketing tools include Podcasting, Video-Casting, Online CRM, Web 2.0 and Social Websites, Postcard mailing services, Banner Ads and Press Release. These tools are vital in advertising products and services online.


Digital marketing is a platform that facilitates products to build the success of the traditional systems and develop their broader reach to the customers in the market.

Digital marketing has the better scalability to the business and ensures that the company achieves success at a lesser expense.

Conventional methods are a little bit expensive compared to the internet methods, and companies sometimes have to spend a fortune trying to reach many customers using the traditional tactics.

Those organizations that have been in the business for a long time have the traditional experience, and fortunately for them, they can choose the technological marketing to expand the scope of their customers. Integration of conventional and digital marketing requires that the investor lays down essential strategies to ensure that they achieve success for their business.

Both marketing strategies are crucial, and none can work without the other. Google, for example, is a right way of integrating the internet marketing with the conventional media since it offers traditional print, radio and TV advertisements through the AdWords. Hence both forms of marketing are dependent on each other, and none can entirely outdo the other.

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