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Five Features Regarding WhatsApp

Initially this year WhatsApp published that it has users in excess of a billion which is one out of every seven people in the world.

Globally users utilize WhatsApp for several reasons. The well favored messaging app has since implemented new attributes with enhanced speed, clearness of use, and reliability. Having an astronomical number of users, WhatsApp is one of the well favored messaging apps in the world.

WhatsApp has recently implemented a video calling attribute to the app following a range of beta trails. A surge in the app named Snapchat and its Stories attribute, from Instagram to Facebook and now also WhatsApp has tried to clone it. In the brand new WhatsApp’s beta trial app on iOS and Android there is a ‘Status’ tab where ‘Stories’ can be updated and observed before it vanishes after 24 hours. This brand new ‘Stories’ attribute is accessible only to those who use a jailbroken Apple product or an Android smartphone that has been rooted.

WhatsApp has recently upgraded its app on iOS and has made it feasible for users to transmit and get GIFs. Even though it is delayed, it features some meager work that is in addition to supporting animations. Users can transmit GIFs saved in the device or search Giphy’s vast library to find animations to captivate the chats.

These brand new attributes to maintain persistence in the dynamic technological world has increased the fame of WhatsApp even further. Earlier the company noted that it controls more than 100 million voice calls per day which is a lot more than 1,100 calls per second. Further WhatsApp’s desktop counterpart has also been updated. Below are 5 brand new attributes which can be performed in WhatsApp.

Video calling feature

WhatsApp has established the fact that it is going to launch the video calling attribute for iOS, Android and Windows users. The user can now be able to identify ‘Video Call’ and ‘Voice Call’ options once the dialler button is pressed. As a consequence a new dialog box featuring the choices between a normal voice call and a video call will be displayed.


WhatsApp has launched with the most recent version of app, the support of GIFs for the Apple Users. The 2.16.16 upgrade permits users to send videos which are six seconds or minimum along with GIFs and Live Photos. The user can browse the Giphy library for GIFs to send to their contacts in Whatsapp.


Users can be able to tag the people in a WhatsApp group even if the people have muted the conversation. This is accessible by entering the @ symbol and then click on the person the user wishes to tag from the displayed list.

Picture Customization

With the new upgrade of WhatsApp, users can sketch and edit images prior to sending them to their friends. Provided the conversation tab is accessible, the user can click on the camera button and then click on the photo obtained from the camera. There will be some icons on the top right and the user has a variety of options like cropping the image, sketching, inputting a text or adding a sticker to the image which is then ready to be sent to the recipient

Most observed

Featured is a captivating attribute in WhatsApp available at present only for iOS users forcing the Android users to be patient. If the user has iOS all they have to do is access ‘Settings’ then chose ‘Account’ and then finally select ‘Storage Usage’. Once there, the user can view the cumulative number of messages at the beginning of the page along with a chat record which are graded pertaining to the figure of messages sent to the particular number. This aids the user in identifying their ‘best friend’ that is to which recipient the user has communicated with the highest figure of lines.


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