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Published on January 17th, 2022 | by Sunit Nandi


Extended Reality Services: What Companies Need AR/VR/MR Apps?

The fast development of immersive technologies changed the market rapidly. Not so long ago, the XR was just a fancy addition for games bringing joy to geeks. But if you look at this technology today, it is completely different. It turned out to be a serious investment that increased income for many famous companies.

Augmented(AR), virtual(VR), and mixed(MR) realities (which are united under the term extended reality (XR) still have a potential for SMBs and large enterprises. Every year the implementation of these technologies becomes more and more accessible, and the number of apps grows day by day. How can your business use new extended reality services? What benefits will you receive?

AR, VR, MR – Where Is the Difference?

To understand which extended realty services to apply, you should determine their functionality. What do all these abbreviations mean, and how do they help successful businesses? Experts from Softengi help to figure it out. For more detailed information, visit their blog:

  • VR it’s a creation of 360 degrees immersive digital environment which can be experienced with the help of a headset, such as Oculus. This method is applicable in education, entertainment, and other industries.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) install on your phone and experience digital content overlaid over real environment. Manufacturers of clothes and jewelry apply it to create a try-before-you-buy feature.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) is a less popular and more complicated technology connecting two previous methods. The user stays where they are, but MR objects become more realistic. Now it provides a presence effect for distant communication and improves the accuracy in manufacturing details.

How XR Helps to Become Famous?

In 2022, have seen a number of examples of extended reality services practical usage. Walmart, Renault, and other large companies apply simulated 3D environments and increase their income. According to the research by Capgemini Institute, 82% of businesses using cyberspace received more benefits than they expected. Let’s remember some fantastic examples that increased brands’ popularity rapidly.

  1. Toms Shoes’ “walk in their shoes” campaign. For every pair of shoes sold, the retailer donates a pair to a person in need. A customer sits in a VR chair and sees first-hand the way from California to Columbia, where a needing child receives help.
  2. Patron Spirits, a beverages producer, used VR-glasses and a drone to create a bee experience — customers fly above Mexico, where Patron’s headquarters is located. It becomes a great advertising campaign with breathtaking footage and impressive storytelling skills.
  3. Marriott International, an American hotel company, released so-called ‘VR Postcards’ — a content platform. Guests who want to use it can order 5D-experiences in their rooms. Each story from these Postcards is a personal experience of a tourist. It is a completely new method of traveling, allowing you to get to know a new place better.
  4. Vroom, a car dealer, found a way to make online shopping as enjoyable as a visit to an automobile salon. Via VR Google cardboard headset, a user can experience 15 different cars. In 360-degree glasses, you are able to touch the auto, open it, and hear the real sound of the motor.

There are many ways of using ER, and your business may apply it too. A solution must be individual, as there are no versatile ways. To develop a personal strategy, come to Softengi, one of the top 15 XR companies in the world. Programmers here know everything about artificial intelligence and how powerful it is. They create stunning virtual solutions for world-famous brands, improving and growing them.

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