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Looking to open mystery boxes? Here’s why DrakeMall is the best place for this

You may already know the feeling of opening a mystery box. The thrill of trying to score that rare toy or game you’ve been looking for a while now. The fact is, you see loot crates and mystery boxes everywhere. Usually made for fans of franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, DC and many other films, comics or games. But the most you can get out of these is toys, t-shirts, some accessories and sometimes a cool poster to put on the wall. DrakeMall however, provides you with real prizes. iPhone, PS4, Xbox. Things with real life value.
Imagine opening a pack, just bought, but instead of getting a DeadPool action figure, you get a brand new smartphone. You can’t really compare the hype on that.

Even if you’re unlucky, you can sell it

But DrakeMall is not just the excitement of what you’re getting next. It’s the best way possible to invest in mystery boxes. Of course there’s luck involved. Just as much as the other fandom services like Lootcrate. But how does DrakeMall work? These boxes have actual value in them. Getting a box a with a brand new PS4 Pro is much better than getting a rare limited edition action figure. The market value might be the same. But how fast are you going to make your money worth out of what you got? 
So, even if you’re not that lucky and get a prize you already have. You can actually sell it for the price it’s worth and get the things you want. Simple as that!

Safe payment

Paying for these Mystery Boxes is as easy as buying a pack from a videogame. You have PayPal payment available, as well as Visa/MasterCard and you can even get Gift cards on Kinguin.

Always updated

So Apple just released the new iPhone X, oh, wait! iPhone XS… No! iPhone XS Max. Oh and there’s a Xr version? Don’t worry! DrakeMall has you covered. You see, DrakeMall is always updating their possible prize stock. And you won’t be losing your chance to get the newly released products available in the market. Not that getting a Super Nintendo wouldn’t be cool enough. But I’d be happier with a Nintendo Switch.

Having a problem? Easily fixed

We all know it’s frustrating when we have a problem and it takes ages for it to get fixed. Because you tried sending an e-mail, calling a designated number. Nobody responds, nobody answers. DrakeMall has amazing access to support through communities in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even has an active Discord Channel. How cool is that?

Safe and Legit

You are dealing with a trustworthy and competent company. DrakeMall has a responsible gaming privacy policy and is Curacao Gaming License. More information about DrakeMall.

Sites like DrakeMall

None. There are absolutely no websites that provide the same service with this high level of security, quality and awesome offers. DrakeMall has discounts and will soon have promo codes for it’s users. Right now, if you publish a photo or video on Instagram, Facebook or other Social Networks unboxing a prize won on DrakeMall you get a bonus. And, of course, you ask, “what kind of bonus?”.
5 to 10 dollars on your DrakeMall wallet! Sweet isn’t it?
Here are some of the smart people who already joined the cause!

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