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Benefits of Implementing a Single Sign-On Solution for your Enterprise

Leading web companies started implementing the SSO solution to connect their apps better and to offer their customers the best version of the apps and sites. In the following article, we’ll briefly mention what SSO is, why having a decent SSO for the enterprise is so important, and we’ll mention all the good and bad sides it offers.

The SSO will cut back a lot of the burden that the IT apartment carries, and it will make the overall productivity of the enterprise better. Trust us when we say, by the end of this article, you’ll be looking for the right SSO solution for your firm.

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What is SSO?

Single sign-on solution or SSO represents a method used by the greatest web companies to connect their apps and to offer a new experience to the client. As a client, you basically get to write down your email and password once, and you’ll be connected to all the other apps and sites that the firm possesses.

From the client’s POV, it looks quite simple. We often forget about it and we underestimate all the hard work behind the SSO, but it does wonders for us. We don’t think that apps would be the same if we needed to sign in every time we visited them.

Behind the scenes, there are three main parts of every SSO. the apps, domains, and the central authentication server that stands in between the apps. Every site has its own domain, so it is like an unbreakable bond. Well, if a firm has most of those apps, their domains will be connected and thus it will form a bond between them as well. Once the client signs in on one of those apps, the authentication server remembers it and sends the information to all the other domains that are connected to the first one. That way, you will be spared from writing that password that is so easily forgotten.

If you want to implement the SSO in your company, you need to own a big one, with lots of employees and departments. That is why this method is perfect for enterprises. You’ll be connected on a whole new level, and things will go a lot smoother.

Benefits of SSO for the enterprise

You’ll be in charge through buttons

And we do mean it literally. If you get a new employee, you’ll be able to give him certain access to things. If a worker got a promotion, you’ll be able to upgrade their access. An employee left the enterprise? Simply take the address of the list. All that by clicking. You don’t have to go around the departments looking for people since they’ll be right there in front of you, one click away from every decision.

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Better privacy policy

It is true that your password will be more vulnerable by connecting it automatically to so many apps. But, you can handle that by following the instructions on how to make your password strong. If you stop and think about it, SSO is one of the best things that happened lately. You can throw away the notebook that you’ve kept with all the passwords next to your computer. Even better, rip those pages and burn them. That way no one will know the passwords.

For the enterprise, you can set up some ground rules that are related to the passwords. For example, every employee must change the password at the beginning of every month. The password mustn’t include anything predictable such as names, places, kinds of flowers… workers cannot simply retype the old passwords, etc.

Reducing the number of forgotten passwords

Forgotten passwords only put extra pressure on the IT department, since changing them is not completely up to the employee. They’ll need to contact IT, get a persimmon, and after a while, they will recover the email. But, this goes against the dream of great productivity. Instead of forgetting passwords, you simply write it down once and you have it typed for quite a while after that. Depending on where you work, you can write them down in a notebook, but never keep them on your desktop or phone, since hackers can easily gain access.

Downsides on SSO

As long as we stick to the ground rules of password protection, there would be no other issues with this new, but a successful method. There is also one other minor thing that can be counted as a downside. A problem may occur if the SSO falls for a short period of time. Because of too many users, the whole connection may crash. That is why memorizing the passwords, having good communication and a great provider, and having a productive IT department means the world to you! It is also of utmost importance to have a backup email provider to avoid internet outages during work.

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