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Web Studio Selection Criteria

The most successful websites have two things: great content and incredible design. If your website design is dull, your content won’t impress anyone, and you will attract no visitors. This means that you need to start thinking about the style and how to design the site from the moment you start creating a new project.

The main thing when creating the site is to achieve the goals set. Using statics is an optimal option. On, statistics show that properly designed sites are still popular and profitable. It is proved that it is a dynamic site that simplifies the work but imposes some restrictions on the hosting selection.

The Right Approach to Creating a Company Website

Professional web design

The site should be primarily convenient for visitors. A professional web studio will develop such a website that, on the one hand, corresponds to the business direction and company features, and on the other, takes customers’ tastes and preferences into account. Only professionals will provide the site with really high-quality usability testing, this will let you lose no customers due to the site inconvenience.

Target audience audit

A professional studio will be able to make a qualified analysis of the market, assess the level of competition, the prospects of website promotion, and its income. This work is painstaking and expensive, but only correctly conducted preliminary research is the key to the future commercial success of the project. Often, professional web studios conduct audits of the target niche for already existing sites, during the development and promotion of which serious mistakes have been made. They led to the site unprofitability. In this case, the customer is given an analysis indicating the reasons for the failure of the site and a specific plan that will help eliminate the initial errors.

Employee promotion training

There are only two options after the site launching: either hire a specialist (webmaster, web marketer, content editor) and pay a salary or train one of the employees for a new specialty. A professional web-studio is always ready to help you with the second option.

Website optimization for search engine promotion (SEO)

High site traffic is a necessary condition for earning income from Internet commerce. Now, it becomes hard to get high traffic since there are billions of sites on the web. So what should you do? Your site has to be on the first page of search engines; this is what optimization of the site’s pages helps to achieve. It consists of two stages: calculation of keywords (based on the results of the target audience and competition analysis) and the correct use of these words on the pages of the project.

Customer counseling

As a rule, the first consultation is free of charge. The need for qualified advice may arise from a company which website has long been on the Internet. In this case, the purpose of the consultation is to show which errors balk the site’s progress and what measures make it possible to increase its income.

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