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Tech Trends Following The New Decade

While we don’t like returning to the future like the ’60s and ’70s sci-fi movies, that had predicted that our era would be all about flying cars and robotics. Though, if you use service applications such as Uber, Siri, and Alexa, it is naive to say that you have seen innovation up rise in the past few decades. None of us would have ever predicted the beginning of this new decade to be such as today.

The upcoming years are all about social distancing, telecommuting, and online business. So, even if you do not have a place to live on Mars yet, or haven’t been using jetpacks to get to work, you still are aware that even more advancements in technology developments will be taking place in the future.

We are currently witnessing a transformative change in the impact on our lives of almost every technology of prepositions in communication and economy, moving from human-to-human transactions to online platforms like video animation services. More than ever, people are starting to take notes on the beneficial prospects of technology and thinking of new trends for the new decade. Let’s discuss some of these technology trends that are being established:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increasing the ability of machines to learn and act intelligently is now part of our daily lives and is transforming rapidly. Most importantly, AI is the absolute driving force behind most of our future trends. AI is expected to experience a breakout in the future with emotion recognition and computer vision.

Companies spend a total of $ 20 billion on AI products and services each year, and giant tech companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon also employ billions of dollars to create these products and services. Universities are making AI a more prominent part of each curriculum while the US Department of Defense is enhancing features in AI games. All this denotes that something huge is bound to happen. Some of these developments are yet just a concept, and the others are theoretical and can remain intact. Everything is better and more latent with the association of AI.

Voice Interface

Voice applications is an essential conversation in the last decade or so. As people are getting accustomed to​​communicating with machines, voice applications are becoming increasingly more important along the way. You can either do it yourself or type it in. The AI ​​behind the audio system works at an exponential rate. A person without experience with voice systems can eventually lose connection with the rest of the world.

However, there still are many barriers to overcome before voice applications can be adopted on a mass scale. Advances in technology could enhance the capability of voice assistants, especially in AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning.

To build a robust speech recognition environment, you need to make the AI ​​behind it better to adequately handle the issues such as intonation or noise. And as consumers increasingly rely on the integration to be adapted in their phones, cars, smart home devices, etc., voice technology is the primary interface to the digital world. The demand for voice interface design and expertise application development will increase even more with time.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Especially demanding for networks, communications, and smart data usage. The number of smart devices and things connected to the internet is increasing. IoT applications are committed to providing tremendous value to our lives. With new wireless networks, superior sensors, and innovative computing capabilities, the Internet of Things could be the next pioneer in the stock of wallet competition. IoT applications are expected to provide connectivity and intelligence for billions of everyday objects.


In the new decade, major institutions have introduced blockchain in a big way to prevent large-scale information leakage and Internet fraud. Blockchain is proven a very secure way to authenticate and protect datasets, and various aspects of the business facilitation, particularly reliable transactions.


Faced with unprecedented new threats, the security of your website is an important factor. Cyber ​​attacks are extensively on the rise. There is no question that attacks are increasing and the rapid growth of global cyberattacks has come at a high price for companies to better protect their computer networks from intrusions. Not only has the frequency of cyberattacks increased, but victims suffer greater financial losses.

Cybersecurity involves politics, economics, and other areas of the world. Although breaking into this field can be challenging, it is incredibly rewarding. Cybersecurity will undoubtedly be a career choice for many, which will generate long-term net employment. The demand for cybersecurity jobs has definitely increased in the last year. Apart from this, those interested in IT and security can go for a career in this field which will be a good choice

Digital Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, and PayPal are all very popular digital platforms, but in the past, very few were aware of these digital platforms that are very important business platforms. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are platforms that promote relationships and exchanges between people, and many traditional businesses build platforms for marketing and business promotion to transform into online businesses. All of these and many others that we have discussed are being predicted by the digital industry.

Advanced Healthcare System

With time the healthcare system is improving. It is the healthcare industries that will benefit widely from technology this decade. Since it began using various technology solutions to meet growing demand while improving the operational efficiency of patient care services, the healthcare industry has made tremendous progress.

In the last decade, portable and implantable devices for health monitoring, telemedicine, and robotics have emerged. The 2020s will see more technologies embedded in healthcare. Cloud-based infrastructure will take over, while data security and privacy will be prioritized, as this is essential for maintaining patient records. These opportunities will drive innovation in blockchain and network security. In this decade, healthcare will embrace technology at all points of patient care. Several technological improvements will allow access to a holistic vision of the patient’s health.


These technological innovations will definitely change the world over the next ten years. However, there are questions about how far these innovations will go, but one thing is clear that the 2020s are a period of significant technological advances. This is further accelerated by the current disastrous situation we are facing: the global pandemic.

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