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Digital Trends to Look Out for In the Next 5 Years

If you are someone that is into your digital investments, then luckily there are plenty of opportunities tech companies will always emerge making them great for investment bankers as well as those that purchase stocks and shares. It is essentially one of the best business industries where there are opportunities to make money.

In this review, we are going to look at investment opportunities in the tech niche that could see major share price increases over the next 5 to 10 years.

Home Entertainment Virtual Reality Systems

It is almost imminent that virtual reality is at some pint going to come along and blow our minds. When that time comes is still unclear but there are several projects out there that suggest that home entertainment systems will start to include virtual reality in the same way we have games consoles or when we used to have DVD players.

In the next 5 years, several projects will mature, and we should start to see the release of virtual reality systems for entertainment. We should be able to visit places like New York and Central Park at midnight to the peak of Mount Everest. People will also be able to take a time out from reality and spend some time on the beach in their virtual reality system.

VR companies already have systems that can do this, so all that is left is for them to find a way within the next 5 years to release this technology so it is available in the same way TVs and game consoles are available.

Business Virtual Reality System

Business virtual reality is already kicking off but is still not as prevalent as it should be. At this point most people expected businesses to use VR for business conferences and virtual to offices overseas as well as meetings. However, we are still stuck on video conferencing using voice over IP on the internet.

At some point in the future, we do expect VR to be more business-friendly but it is all about finding meaningful ways to sell these VR systems to businesses that need them and not just for the sake of the novelty of having these systems.

In the tourism industry, some hotels and resorts are already using VR to give their potential guests a tour of their establishment. While in the real estate business, people can take a VR tour of a house before deciding whether they want to take a real-life visit. The reason this is possible is because of 360-degree cameras that can recreate the environment.

Business VR is certainly on the verge of taking off and becoming an everyday part of business as the fax machine used to be.

Dapp Blockchain Technology

Dapps are applications that are connected to blockchain systems and perform a particular action. Some are financial systems used for creating smart contracts which are known as DeFi, while others are used for fiat currency transfers and payments but use blockchain tech to process these payments.

Some famous fiat currency apps are Ripple and DASH. Ripple is the most famous because it is well-known for its fast and cost-effective borderless payment systems.

MoneyGram and Western Union are both using Ripple’s blockchain while also the Bank of America is looking at the possibility of using Ripple’s monetary ecosystem. You may also hear about an app called Money Tap which is a mobile used in Japan as an alternative to the traditional banking network which is, to say the least draconian.

DASH is more of a Point of Sales app and an online eWallet. It is a Dapp that can be used to transfer money between friends and family, pay bills, and also make payments at DASH enable POS systems.

Over in the DeFi area of Dapps, there are tons of projects currently underway and some are already starting to rise in value. LEND recently rose 2750% in value so there is massive potential here and in the next 5 to 10 years Dapps that use DeFi could become huge which also means they could also be well worth investing in.

VPN Technology

VPNs are big business right now and we see them advertised everywhere. These huge advertising campaigns are seeing more people sign up to VPNs. Right now, about 1 in 20 people use a VPN but that number is expected to grow to 1 in 5 over the next 5 years or so.

Getmoreprivacy is a site that has a list of all the VPNs out there right now. The best way to invest in these companies is to look at who owns the VPN then check to see if they are publicly listed. Check out NLOK which is Norton and OKTA which is another company that its VPN.

A Final Word

Looking for investment opportunities in the tech niche always comes with risk so don’t just jump straight in and start buying up every stock you see. The same applies to investing in companies that are based on blockchain tech. There is no guarantee that these companies will make money in the long run so as the old saying goes ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

Try to diversify your investments across different tech niches and tech companies but at the same time also make sure you have done your research.

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