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8 Amazing Volunteer Management Software for Nonprofits of All Sizes

Volunteer management is one of the most critical requirements for all nonprofits looking to host successful volunteer activities. The process allows them to oversee different areas that cater to various requirements or targets the organization wants to achieve. However, due to the number of responsibilities involved, ensuring that every operation runs smoothly can be tricky. In times like this, having a resource that allows organizations to manage everything in one place can be beneficial.

Volunteer management software is designed to cater to nonprofit needs, from volunteer recruitment to hour management. These applications work for all types of organizations, so even small nonprofits can take advantage of such platforms. To achieve the best results, nonprofits must choose the most suitable software to ease their operations and align with their goals. Hence, here’s a look at some of the best volunteer management applications for all nonprofits in the industry.

8 of the Best Volunteer Management Software for All Nonprofits

  • Flipcause

The application is a highly beneficial resource for those nonprofits that want to organize all fundraising operations. It provides organizations with a database that allows nonprofits to track donations, donors, and other fundraising info in real-time. With this, nonprofits can make informed decisions and ensure the success of their volunteer events. Flipcause also supports cloud usage, which means authorized members can access the application from different devices and anywhere.

  • Golden

This application caters to all nonprofits for multiple operations. It is a reliable volunteer management software that nonprofits can integrate to track volunteer hours, manage communication, organize duties, and much more. It comes with a number of features, such as keeping up with security compliances, conducting background checks to determine volunteer eligibility, and collaborations with other software, such as the Microsoft volunteer management and Salesforce volunteer software for nonprofits who want to take on a range of services and work alongside local authorities, schools, healthcare institutions, etc. Organizations can take advantage of this to meet their targets and ensure the success of different volunteer activities.

  • EveryAction

The application caters to different volunteer operations and helps organizations make their events more impactful. The user-friendly interface of the application lets nonprofits efficiently manage their data and organize all information related to volunteer responsibilities, hours, communication channels, and more. Organizations can access data as and when necessary and use it to curate meaningful volunteer events and meet their targets.

  • Point

The application works on cloud support and real-time reporting, which allows nonprofits to receive immediate information and make quick decisions. It is a beneficial application for volunteer recruitment, onboarding, task management, hour tracking, and more. Organizations can use the application to manage these operations conveniently and ease the burden on their staff.

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  • GiveEffect

The application caters to nonprofit fundraising operations and provides several features organizations can use to organize and track fundraising details. GiveEffect allows nonprofits to design custom web pages, which is a helpful way to raise awareness or promote upcoming volunteer events the nonprofit is hosting. It provides a quick and efficient way to manage everything in one place for easy access and decision-making.

  • NewOrg

This web-based application provides nonprofits with features that can ease volunteer onboarding, partnership management, and fundraising operations. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface, and nonprofits can use the application to organize details about different activities without any hassle quickly.

  • VolunteerMark

The application is highly suitable for volunteer recruitment needs and organizing communication channels. It ensures that nonprofits can conveniently oversee the necessary details at any time. It helps bring convenience and simplicity to how an organization hosts different volunteer activities.

  • Duplie

The application caters to organizations that want to focus on tracking volunteer performance consistently. From scheduling tasks, managing hours, assigning responsibilities, and more, nonprofits can utilize this software to simplify all the information in one place and ensure that accurate details are maintained for all areas.


Volunteer management is a crucial part of all nonprofits, which is why it becomes necessary for organizations to ensure that they can manage their responsibilities and track volunteer performance levels conveniently. It helps them take action required to facilitate desirable results and meet targets on time. With the help of these volunteer management applications, nonprofits of all sizes can simplify their operations and ensure that they achieve high-quality results.

Using volunteer management software also allows nonprofits to enhance their operations and take on responsibilities that will lead to better results. Because it simplifies several admin tasks and brings about structure for different operations, organizations can focus on new areas that will help them work towards their mission and meet goals efficiently in the future.

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