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Kids virtual surveillance: The top most need of 21st century parents

It takes a lot of effort to become a parent in the 21st century. Apart from monitoring all the physical activity of your kid, you also need to monitor the virtual activities and footprints of your kid. The physical world is as free of attacks to your kid as free is the virtual world. But, just like the physical world, access to freedom is freer in the virtual world. And especially when you have your own physical and virtual worlds to manage, the efforts to manage your kids’ physical and virtual worlds are sky-high.

If virtuality has created this problem of taking more attention from parents of the 21st century, it is offering a virtual solution for the same. AI-powered smart spying applications let every parent manage their kids’ activities from a single dashboard of their smartphone. Let’s look at some of the most popular applications that enable parents to do so with ease.

Bark: This application believes in providing every parent with a specific set of tools that are essential in the digital age for raising their kids. As a parent of your kid, you can manage your kids’ screen time, content, filter websites which you do not want your kid to not see, etc. Bark claims to monitor more than thirty applications that include social media platforms, text messages, emails, and displays to you the immediate signs of dangers. So if you are a kids’ parent whose smartphone you are monitoring with the help of Bark, you would be able to save your kid from cyberbullying, online grooming, and suicidal tendencies.


A single software that is a solution for all Macs, Pcs, iOS, as well as Android devices, Amazon Fire tablets, lets you set a time limit for each and every application used by your kid on his or her smartphone. Qustodio is known as one of the easiest ways for supervising children with an online dashboard showing a parent every virtual activity of their kid. As a parent, you would be able to see which application is being used by your kid for how many hours, for what purpose, what is your kid sharing, and anything that would let you tell your kid or rather keep a filter that will automatically enable your child to not let use that application after a certain period of time.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

This application provides an account for a kid as well as the parent. The facility that it allows a parent to hold is to block a kids’ access to all the adult websites and contents which are harmful to their kid. In addition, this application also allows parents to block harmful YouTube searches such as drugs, alcohol, games that are inappropriate, and a lot more. A parent can allow specific screen-time one’s kid and share expert advice as well as tips from child psychologists on online topics. Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the most eccentric applications for managing parent control of a kid.


Cocospy offers you, not only parental control, but also with Tracking, and remote surveillance so that whatever is nearer and dearer to you stays completely monitored by you. Track location of a smartphone, messages, calls, and various applications, Cocospy does it all in a hundred percent discreet fashion. This application can be used for monitoring a smartphone that is based on Android, as well as iOS. It can be also used for smartphones as well as tablets monitoring without being detected. Realizing that the Internet is a dangerous place for one’s kid, Cocospy ensures your kids are under a safeguard. For a comprehensive review about Cocospy, visit

Norton Family

Ideal for a household with many children, Norton Family has some of the best features that one can get in any parental control application. Norton Family lets you track the location of the device which is used by your kid, schedule time, and also filter what should the kid watch and whatnot. In addition to the above-mentioned features, you as a parent can also see the terms that your kid is searching to make out a proper conclusion of whether your kid is in any good or bad company. You can also view videos that have been viewed by your kid, monitor age-appropriate content, set screen time limits, and lots more.

Find My Kids

A GPS location tracker primarily designed to locate your kid via the smartphone your kid is using. Using this application, parents can connect a GPS watch or install the application for tracking their child’s location without their kid’s knowledge. Find My Kids take care that the parents can connect with their kids when they aren’t responding to their messages as well as calls. There are some of the eccentrically extended features of this application which provides tuning into listening to what’s happening in the environment around the kid’s current location, so if there is any kind of bullying going on, they can be quick to react to it. One can also use this application to send loud signals from the phones, if need be, as well as check their mobile battery and monitor the time when their kid reaches school and drives back home using Find My Kids.

The Conclusion

The same technology that has created so many needs is also providing a solution for the needs. Like in the previous days, a parent monitored the kid’s environment by people who were physically around their kid. Similarly, they can monitor the kid’s virtual environment in the 21st century via virtual monitors and parental control applications like the ones that are mentioned in the above list. Monitoring is important mainly because of the freedom that a kid gets when exposed to the Internet. And the Internet is a free source without producing any judgment of what is right and what is wrong for a kid, an adult, and the old. But we as humans, wish to expose our kids to specific content only after realizing that the kid has the maturity to understand that content. So, these monitoring applications are necessary.

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