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Signs Your Gaming Laptop is Too Old for Games

With constant and rapid developments in the gaming industry and a change in the market structure, the competitive heat between gaming software developers reaches new heights annually. Computer chips are shrinking, solid state drives are replacing hard disk drives, and processors are becoming more powerful.

The newest games require stronger machines, and you may have already felt that your gaming laptop has become outdated. These are signs that your portable gaming machine is too old for modern games.

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1. Unable to Run the Latest Games

The first and most obvious sign – your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements. This means that upgrading your machine is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to future-proof it. However, upgrading a laptop is a bit different and a lot harder than upgrading a desktop machine, so you will probably have to get a whole new laptop eventually.

2, Not Enough Space

Ten years ago, an average hard disk had 80GB. Today, you can get one with 500GB or more. The same principle can be applied to RAM memory. If you have to squeeze your hard drive for space, the CPU hitting ‘red’ (more than 80% in use), and the RAM in full-usage with only a few programs opened, it means that your laptop is grinding against the limitations of its performance. You could postpone the big purchase in this case, by adding newer computer parts, like an extra RAM and external hard drive.

3. Slow Response AKA Lag


People perceive the term “slow” rather differently when it comes to computer. However, if you are a gamer, the word has a pretty simple and straightforward meaning: you want your machine to react as soon as you click or press a button. You switch on your laptop in the morning, with a mind set on playing games. If you can brush your teeth and make a cup of coffee during its boot time or it freezes when there are 3+ tabs open in your browser, it is slow. When you cannot even connect to the Internet properly, its time has come.

4. Noisier Than Ever

It is just like with a car. You buy a new vehicle, drive it for a few years and get to know how it sounds during performance. Hearing new and unexpected sounds is a sign that something bad is happening. If you hear various clicking and grinding sounds, those may be indicators of hard drive failure. Other potential sources of noise can be a louder fan or higher-than-usual CPU work.

The appetite of a gamer is very large. You will certainly start noticing when your laptop is not suitable for its original purpose anymore. If you need a new machine, crack your piggy bank and start looking around for a best buy that meets your needs. Possibly the best solution is to search for models that were raging a couple of months before, but are now considered “old”. They are hardly obsolete, but usually when stores want to clean out their inventory, they sell these models at deep discounts.

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