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A techie’s goal to learning a new language – Amazing apps that will assist him

Do you think you don’t have enough time to learn a new language? It may seem to be fun in the morning when you start learning a new language but as soon you’re into the process, it starts dawning upon you that it requires hard work, solid and strict schedule, profound inspiration, enough responsibility and leisure time. Hey, don’t give up now! The fact is that you may not have explored various other options of learning a new language as there are different ways of studying and grasping a foreign language without having to compromise on the priorities of life and everyday goals.

Nowadays, smartphones have given way to a new world of learning language. From apps and language learning websites to those which let you get in touch with people all over the world, mobile phones and smart devices have brought in a new era for eager techie language-learners. Even there are text to voice apps where they can convert the text into audio that you can listen to. Let’s take a quick look as the amazing smartphone apps that you can install in your phone to learn a new language without having to sacrifice on your daily routine.

App #1: Busuu

This is a comparatively new app to the Google Play stores but it has already achieved a community of around 35 million native speakers. Crowdsourcing is utilized by this app as a vital portion of its learning system and you’ll get a number of listening, quizzes, writing, speaking and reading tasks which can help you in enhancing your skills. It offers flashcards at early stages of the user to learn new phrases and words. If you download its premium account, you can see even better features.

App #2: Anki

This is an app which is too useful as it uses an entirely different strategy as compared with other apps for learning language which you will come across. Anki is yet another Japanese app for learning and it utilizes a flashcard system which helps the users to learn. This is a comparatively old app which was launched in 2006 and with time it was rejuvenated. You can personalize the flashcards according to your personal preferences and this is special about Anki.

App #3: iHandy Translator Free

This particular app has been designed for app users during traveling. You can efficiently translate words and phrases from 52 languages from all over the world. This is an extremely user-friendly app but since it is a free version that you can download from your app store, it has got a few flaws. The PRO paid version doesn’t have unnecessary ads and also has a text-to-speech function which is no there in the free version.

App #4: Babbel

This is a language learning app which is tailored to meet the needs of people who wish to improve their vocabulary through buzzwords. They select topic areas from lifestyle and digital trends to technical terms. The app also tries its best to offer current and famous issues which are there in the news and it also has audio functions which can create back up through visual help. The main emphasis of this app is on grammar and you will also be asked to do lot of exercises which are there regarding grammar. This is an app for the beginner techie and can be used by someone who’s always moving.

Hence, you being a techie need not worry about sacrificing your daily life in order to learn a new language as you can simply download the above mentioned apps to reach your goal. Be a master in a foreign language and increase your self-worth.

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