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A Quick Tool For Learning: Lapbooks

Lapbooks are now everywhere, originating from homeschools to being an important tool of learning in primary schools these days! These are simple folders with several mini-books and files within them that are interactive, simple to remember and make studies fun for kids. You can even learn how to make a lap book and start using them at home, right away!

But first, let us understand how to use lapbooks to make the best out of them. Lapbooks can be used by kids of all age groups and sometimes even by adults to keep track of things that they want to remember. To understand it simply, think of it as a visual organizer or folder that contains various small files that can record, summarize, illustrate and present all about one chapter or unit of a subject.

Why create lapbooks?

All students study by writing down the important points of what they need to learn. But lapbooks can break this monotony and introduce a fun and interactive way of learning.

  • With lapbooks, students can be more involved in the learning process, thus motivated to study something new each day.
  • They can easily prepare for an upcoming test or even class assessments by glancing through the notes they have made in a lapbook.
  • By providing an easy means to review information, lapbooks can also personalize the studying process, thus helping each student create something for their own benefit.
  • Lapbooks also allow the parents to monitor the progress of their kids and ask questions regarding the course material that the kids have already prepared.
  • Students can choose as many elements to include in a lapbook as they want, but they all will also reflect how much they learned in the class, helping the parents assess their child’s learning.

How and when to use lapbooks?

There are no limits to how and when students can use a lapbook. Depending on personal needs, a lapbook can be used for brainstorming, ideation, research, or even showcasing information to those who are interested.

By making a lapbook, students can enhance several sensory and motor skills while learning organization, planning, creativity, use of language, problem-solving, graphic unity, and the art of summarizing long texts into their crux.

For all the parents planning to develop the habit of creating lapbooks for their kids, please remember that all kids are not into art and craft. So their lapbooks can solely target hands-on learning, and it is exactly what the purpose of a lapbook is. Please do not try to have them use very artsy skills, but let them do it if they try it on their own.

Lapbooks are extremely flexible and inclusive, made exactly how the students want to review their study material. So let them come up with new ideas, help them in summarizing their chapters, and enhance their learning capabilities.

Now that you know all about lapbooks, it’s time to get on your creative horses and make beautiful lapbooks that you actually feel like using for learning and remembering.

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