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Want To Juice? Five Best Vegetables You Must Try

Juicing has proved to be one way to jump-start our intake of nutrients. For most people, juicing is a part of their everyday lives while others are just getting to know the wonders of juicing. Nevertheless, if you are new to juicing, then one common question you are likely to ask is ‘What is the best vegetable to juice?’ If this is what you got in mind, then there is hope for you. You need not worry your inquisitive and amazing mind as this post has been designed to show you some really wonderful vegetables that you must juice if you really want to explore the magic in juicing. Take a glass jar filled with your previously juiced vegetables and sip from it as you read through this post.

Five Wonderful Vegetables To Juice

1. Carrots

Carrots are a wonderful species, to begin with. Most people enjoy them fresh, and juicing them might just take your love for carrots to a whole new level. Carrots have a sweet flavor, and they also come with some of the basic nutrients such as vitamin A, Potassium and biotin. Carrots are low in calories, and they possess carotenoids. Does that sound strange? Well, carotenoid is a pigment in plants that when it gets into the human body, functions as an antioxidant. And not just as an antioxidant, but as a powerful antioxidant. Another great thing about carrots is that when juiced with other of your favorite vegetables, they add their sweet flavor giving you a taste sensation that would make you ask for more.

2. Cabbage

Looking at cabbage, you might never think of juicing it. However, cabbage is delicious as well as nutritious choice when it comes to juicing vegetables. When you look down at a glass cup filled with juiced cabbage, keep in mind that you are looking at large tons of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6 as well as other nutrients that aren’t mentioned. You have so many nutrients packed in one small glass jar, and emptying that into your tummy would do you a lot of good that you can never understand. Cabbage also has the tendency of reducing the risk of diabetes, inflammation and heart disease. I suggest you order a truck full of cabbages.

3. Broccoli

The word broccoli itself contains nutrients your body will definitely need. The ‘B’ representing vitamin B6 and the two ‘C’ representing a double dose of vitamin C. Without saying much, you should consider adding broccoli to your meal plan. Broccoli is a very good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, Vitamin A, and potassium. Another reason why you should begin juicing broccoli without a second thought is the fact that it contains kaempferol. If you are not a medical lad, then I think I’ll have to explain that kaempferol is a substance found in broccoli and other vegetables, and it has been proven to decrease inflammation, reduce cancer as well as other health benefits. I’m sure by now you’ve already purchased your broccoli.

4. Beets

Their bright colors might attract you, and this is necessarily a good thing as the health benefits of beets are priceless. Think of beets as something you should add to your daily meal plan. Want to know what beets are made of? All right. Beets contain potassium, manganese, and potassium. To boost your health, beets decided to contain some nitrates that definitely help improves blood pressure. Beets’ roots are delicious as well as nutritious, but this doesn’t mean you should not remember the beet greens. This as well is something you can juice, and it is actually nutritious too and also delicious.

5. Spinach

You probably already love spinach, but its wonderful composition would leave us restless till we mention this wonderful green vegetable. Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and contains some antioxidants as well as some good amount of nitrates. The wonderful composition of spinach makes it a healthy remedy for blood pressure thereby reducing heart disease to a significant level. Spinach can also serve as an antacid, and it is a good veggie for anyone who wants to become and remain healthy. If you want to venture into the juicing world, then your juicing activities cannot be complete without adding spinach to your list of vegetables.

Now get your blender ready and begin juicing. And most importantly, don’t forget to share with a friend.

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