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Lucrative On Demand Startups For Entrepreneurs

Today we are living in the era of Uberprenuers and on demand technology.  It is now getting the world by just tapping a button on the app.

Uberprenuers today are offering the on-demand concept for almost every service conceivable.  The Uber taxi did away with people standing on the roadside trying to flag a taxi. Yellow pages are no longer the point of all information for looking for professional services. Virtual restaurants with no store front have sprung up everywhere. What’s more, they are happily delivering meals to your doorstep as and when you want to eat. The simple life cycle of the on-demand concept is search, request/book/schedule, track, receive/consume, pay, and rate and review. This life cycle has today become a model for many on-demand startups that are revolutionising the service industry. Startups similar to Uber have been successful not because they have invented something new, but because they have introduced a new way of working and giving us instant service by putting it all at our fingertips. The on-demand concept has become popular because of getting a service “now” and that too with complete transparency.

If I want a taxi, I should get it now, and not hail one on the road. I do not want to be told when it is coming, just show me that it’s on its way – That is what Uber has done to the taxi industry.

Let’s look at a few startups that have made millions for the Uberprenuers that launched them.

Food Delivery/Grocery On Demand

The idea of having food or grocery delivered to our doorsteps is jus absolute bliss. These two are basic commodities that will always be required. In the past few years, we would have to set aside a time for grocery shopping, which would usually be on a weekend when you really want to put your feet up and spend quality time with your family. Today, thanks to the on-demand technology you can do exactly that once you have ordered your groceries via the on-demand grocery app.

The food industry will always thrive, come what may. Food is a requirement for survival and these days food has also become an art where restaurants compete with each other to give the best. Rather than going to all these restaurants to eat, it is so much easier just to order a dish or two from a couple of restaurants and get them delivered to your doorstep. All this with a tap of a button.

Food and grocery on demand concepts have added convenience to peoples’ lives by enabling them to order both as and when they want.

In fact, restaurants are also benefitting from this technology since they can now expand their geographical base without actually investing in expensive infrastructure.  These two industries, therefore, have a very bright and safe future.


It is a well-known fact that women outnumber men by a long mile. It is also a fact that women, of all ages, sizes, shapes, colour and backgrounds always want to look beautiful. They also pay a good price to look their best. By introducing the on-demand concept, it has just become accessible to beauty treatment as and when required. Gone are the days when you had to book an appointment at the salon or find time to get your eyebrows done or stand in a queue for your beauty treatment.

The on-demand beauty industry specialises in delivery beauty treatments at the client’s time on the client’s terms. In fact, this was a practice that was common with the elite upper class. Today the ordinary working woman or man can get that same kind of treatment at a fraction of the price.

This service has also helped salons and parlors to extend their geographical and client base. Freelancers are also using the on-demand platform to generate income for themselves. Entrepreneurs are also investing in the on-demand beauty industry to make a living from the earnings that they receive via a set percentage for every service booked.


The on-demand healthcare industry is a favorite for entrepreneurs to build an on demand conglomerate. In a previous life, patients had to book appointments or stand in a queue to get healthcare. The on-demand concept has ensured that patients get medical attention as and when they require it, at any time and any place.  Some apps also allow a prescription to be delivered at their doorstep.

The healthcare industry is another necessity of life and that is why it is a very lucrative business.  Many entrepreneurs are investing in the health market to make it possible to deliver good healthcare facilities easily at rates that are affordable to the mass population.


Is it fair to say that the Yellow Pages was your point of contact for any service you require? With the on-demand concept, you no longer need them or other similar directories. Professionals are no longer waiting for your call. They are registering their services on on-demand apps where clients are actually looking for their services.

Clients too prefer this way of searching for, booking and paying for services via such apps as it is so much easier. On demand service apps are one stop solutions for all professional services like electricians, plumbers, beauticians, maids, child minders, tutors etc. Entrepreneurs nowadays are investing in these apps in various geographical locations because people find it easier to request services using such apps. These entrepreneurs are also becoming successful in a very short time.

The on-demand economy is definitely moving at a very fast pace and is playing an important role in making our lives simpler. On demand services are also popular as they are much cheaper, quicker and cashless thereby convenient for all users.

Every day there is a new on demand startup, irrespective of your global location. Do you want a similar startup? Embrace the on demand technology to make peoples’ lives easier and convenient whilst generating an income for yourself too.


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