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Five Ways To Generate Leads That Turn Into Sales

Marketing and sales are at the heart of most businesses. The more sales you generate, the higher the profits your business will earn. This song and dance between sales & leads make finding more effective ways to generate sales leads all the more crucial.

One way to ensure that your marketing efforts hit the target is by using the services of an appointment setter. This is a new trend that has many businesses reaping impressive returns. Professional appointment setting services do the heavy lifting for you. They screen all potential customers and only send serious customers to your sales department for further follow-up.

There are other mediums you can also use to generate more effective leads. You’ll learn that most are found using digital platforms and online tools. The digital world has become so integrated into everything we do that there is no other way than to embrace it and maximise it.

In this article, we’ll show you five simple ways to generate leads that can turn into sales.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want to increase the traffic to your website using SEO might be the way to go. SEO improves the number of hits on your website and increases the visibility of your website or web page.

Results have shown SEO is most probably one of the most effective ways to generate leads. There are thousands of searches taking place every day on Google for different products and services. If your specific target market is searching your keyword, you can easily turn that lead into a sale knowing there is a need for your product.

Business Website

We’ve long ago moved away from static business websites that only offer a one-dimensional experience to visitors. It’s time to turn your website into a working asset that can bring you sales.

Some of the ways you can use your website more effectively to generate leads are:

  • Create clever lead channels woven into your website pages
  • Convert your visitors from being mildly curious to active consumers ready to buy
  • Continue to revise visitor interactions and adjust your website continually to create more sales

Social Media

If you’re sick of hearing about social media than I would advise you have a change of heart because social media is here to stay. Online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are where most people spend most of their time these days.

Instead of becoming irritated with this new trend, try and get the most out of it for your business. You can design a unique social media campaign and target your audience effectively. It’s been proven to be more effective and less expensive than other marketing campaigns.


The advantage of email marketing is that most people use emails. It’s not unique to one designated demographic as is often the case with social media.

People usually don’t mind receiving emails as longs as the information is related to their needs and can bring some value.

Design your email campaign to target your audience in a way that will have them interested to find out more about your products and ultimately buy it. You can also build up an impressive database of customers and mine the data to segment your customers according to their specific needs.

Some other benefits of using email as a lead generating tool are:

  • It’s not expensive as there are no postage fees required
  • You can target specific audiences which show interest in your products
  • It’s easy to track who opened your mail and track the conversion rates


Why do we trust the opinion of our peers more than we trust businesses advertising themselves? Could it be because we inherently feel distrust towards businesses knowing they want to sell something to us?

Whatever the reason, referrals are solid gold when it comes to leads that will turn into sales. Create online leads through referral programs or use social media to encourage users for referrals.

Whatever route you take you are assured a return on investment when it comes to referrals.

Final Thoughts

It’s unmistakable, the digital world is here to stay. There’s no need to kick in your heels and halt the process either; advancement is required for a more intelligent way of doing business. Your business cannot survive if you fail to ignore the many digital tools and platforms available to benefit it.

You can decide to use an appointment setter service, or a lead-generating service to help you qualify potential leads. No matter your preference, it’s in your interest to stay connected and informed about the current developments in the digital world.

Let us know in the comments below how digital tools have changed the way you do business and what advice you can offer to other businesses.

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