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Published on November 20th, 2021 | by Sunit Nandi


6 Key Trends in Video Prospecting for Your Sales Team

Video has been a staple in the modern sales process for quite some time now, but our video strategies need to continue evolving as technology advances. To help you stay on top of best practices and new trends, here are eight outlined key takeaways from Salesforce’s State of Sales video survey data.

Video for Sales to build REAL Relationships

1) A Video is a Must-Have Tool

Not only are companies integrating video into the modern sales experience, but they’re also doing it at a rapid pace. More than half (53%) of respondents indicate that their company utilizes videos for sale in all or most content touchpoints – up from 26% just two years ago – with 17% planning to do so within the following year. In addition, organizations using videos have seen tremendous benefits as a result, with 69% noting an increase in sales effectiveness and 60% reporting a boost in lead quality.

2) Salespeople are Sharing Videos Early and Often

In today’s highly competitive environment, it’s easy for reps to get nervous about sharing their message too early or always. However, according to the survey results, companies successfully using videos have seen a significant decrease in the number of times reps need to send over their same video content multiple times – from 15 times per week down to just five. In addition, rep willingness to share videos earlier on is up by 10% points from last year. By demonstrating that video does not have catch-up risk associated with it because you can show customers more quickly than ever before, organizations will help eliminate hesitation around initiating video-based communications.

3) Every Message is a Sales Message

As marketing continues to evolve, especially in the B2B space, companies are discovering that high-quality content can be used for more than just attracting and engaging prospects. According to the survey results, 51% of respondents say their company uses videos across all or most of its content touchpoints – up from 26% two years ago. And, even though organizations using videos have seen an increase in sales effectiveness (69%) and lead quality (60%), this isn’t because the video is limited to early-stage customer interactions; it’s also being used at every stage of the revenue cycle.

4) Image Does Matter

Even with today’s sophisticated technology that allows users to see more than ever before, images are still significant in videos for sale. In fact, 80% of survey respondents say that imagery is an essential element in their videos (a 6% point increase since last year). As a result, companies using videos successfully surveyed by Salesforce have increased the number of images they use per video by nearly 10%.

5) The More Videos You Have, the Better in Sales

Although it’s clear how effective video can be when used with other content touchpoints to tell your story, that doesn’t mean every company has rolled out videos across all areas of their business just yet. According to the data, 16% of companies still don’t utilize any videos at all. However, those organizations fully committed to videos can see the benefits. On average, companies using videos across all content touchpoints have seen a 25% increase in sales effectiveness and an 18% boost in lead quality.

6) Video is Great for Personalization

It’s no secret that video can be used to help drive more personalized interactions with customers and the trend is still growing. According to the data, 68% of those surveyed say their company uses video as part of their personalization strategy (a 5% point increase since last year). As a result, industry leaders are making it routine to use customer information like location and time of day to serve up relevant videos to stand out from competitors.

Finally, organizations are eager to see how videos for sale can help their reps succeed using videos across all content touchpoints and during personalized interactions will drive quantifiable benefits to your company.

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