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Why Emotional Intelligence should be developed from an Elementary Level?

We are living in a world where everything is moving in a fast pace, people are trying and making the world smaller and smaller every day. The major issue that rises with this toning down of the world is that it will directly be in the process of slow developing it will affect most. Now the term slow developing here refers to the development of emotional qualities during childhood by controlled exposure to outside world and focussing on setting up the right moral values before they are exposed to the outside world. Today with the help of technology and internet it is impossible to control the flow of information to these children.

The only remedy that we have today is to develop a faster way to initiate emotional intelligence amongst the kids. Right now the methods used foe emotional developments are assigning group works, stories with moral values and again teacher punishing or scolding them if they do something unappreciated by the standard of moral values. But today the basic fact is that the children are very swiftly acquiring the technology platforms that allow them to fitness and interact with moral values which has been changed and stooped down for the purpose of greed, the child’s emotional intelligence is crippled at the exact moment.

The need for developing emotional intelligence becomes clear here, the basic feeling that keeps the world from falling into mutiny is collective love, and there should be a minimum level of emotional intelligence to at least 99% of the members of the society to have a collective love and harmony. The children should be equipped with emotional intelligence which will put them in a position of understanding what is right and what is wrong and also the fact that it’s not only your success but the success of those who are with you is important.

The corporate sector that employ’s most the children’s parents are a very competitive lot, so it’s imperative to think that the children would get much information about sharing and suffering from them. If we do not keep your children away from the notions of greed and violence in their most character defining age, we are ruining the child for the future he has to come to. Being a person that spreads love and being a person who just retorts love for his/her own benefit is two separate things for which no body can change you unless you are developed that way.

It’s very essential that the child receives  correct ideas as on what love is and what are the implications of having and keeping a relationship in your life along with the fact that happiness is not only a product of money but also of good deeds that you do in your life time. It’s also important to understand the need of believing and trusting other people as it contributes to the development of emotional intelligence to a great level, a person who do not trust in anyone will have high chances of becoming an introvert with narcissistic qualities to display.

Emotional Intelligence should be developed from elementary level for very simple yet serious reasons. It is during this period that the child’s character is developed, it is also the time when he is getting introduced to the bad and good norms of the outside world courtesy to our technological advancements, to balance this mixed diet of filtered information provided by the school and parents and the unfiltered information provide by media and outside world we need to build a strong emotional quotient amongst the children. There are many ways of building platforms that helps the children to grasp the meaning of moral values in a very simulated and creative manner. Interesting video games being developed that can attract the child’s attention at the same time with the equal excitement of playing a normal RPG(Role Playing Game) the child also gets learn how doing good things along the line can help them to a great extent.

The decline of outdoor games and the inquisition of the video game platform in a child’s life requires us to put the child’s method of learning incorporating the values that we need to instil in them through the gaming platform.

The need for developing emotional intelligence is crucial because without it we will have a morally degenerated generation which can go till any extent against humanity or nature to attain their goals and success.


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